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More timeless Grand Prix from the F1 archives - A revised index of glorious race video

Published by Mr. C

Alan Jones, Williams FW06-Cosworth, 1978
Jones rocking in the FW06, Argentina '78Credit: LAT Photographic

Back in 2011, Sidepodcast listener Mark Chapman compiled an extensive list of all the archived F1 video content published by the BBC. The post was well received and frequently used as an index for fans searching for a retro Formula 1 fix.

Earlier this month Yinka got in touch and asked if there were plans to revisit the list, so Mark kindly spent an afternoon hunting high and low for more of the elusive wheel-to-wheel elixir.

Mark notes that the revised archive now includes all the races from 2009-2013 (which should be every race the BBC has shown), as well as a whole bunch missed during the initial publication. Additionally a couple of links have been updated where necessary. There are now more than 250 events to watch again.

Full list of classic F1 video

If you find yourself a little lost during this temporary period devoid of F1 racing, enjoy reliving F1 races gone but not forgotten. Huge thanks to Mark for the original list and for the updates, be sure to enjoy them!