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Simple plans - Highlights to look forward to on Sidepodcast before next season

Published by Mr. C

Buemi takes an F1 car on a frozen lake
Credit: Dan Mathieu

The Formula One season felt like it might never end, but eventually it did exactly that. On Friday the annual FIA prize-giving gala awarded trophies to Sebastian Vettel and Red Bull Racing, celebrating their crushing domination of F1 and fourth consecutive titles. Thoughts at Sidepodcast now turn to how we should while away the downtime between now and the start of the 2014 season, currently a massive 97 days away.

The sport ushers in significant changes next year, certainly the biggest upheaval in technical regulations since we started covering motor sport. There will be new engines, new energy recovery systems, fuel flow restrictions and more to get our heads around. Not to mention at least two drivers debuts and more to look forward to.

We intend to cover as much F1 as we can during the next three-and-a-bit-months, and be sure you keep a look out for the following.

In addition to all the above, there will no doubt be many a fine guest post to digest, live commenting for all manner of festive television goodness and don't forget that Crashed Ice returns in 2014 too.

Be sure to check in with Sidepodcast regularly between now and the first race in Australia. We will miss you if you are not around.