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United States 2012 - Rate the race - Unusual headwear, strategy decisions and much more

Published by Christine

It's that time again, time to decide how you think the racing action delivered at the brand new Circuit of the Americas. With so much speculation going into the race weekend, it was intriguing to watch the action unfold and see if the reality could live up to the hyperbole.

There was a lot of concern about grip, about dirty sides of the track, and about the action going into that fearsome turn one, but how did it all pan out when the drivers got underway?

Meanwhile, there was a change in proceedings on the podium, and an intriguing mid-race reaction from Vettel - both of which require your rating.

As ever, feel free to vote entirely incognito, or share your thoughts and ratings in the comments. We'd love to hear what score you gave the race, the hats and more!

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