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Tyre tracking - The FIA confirm fans will be able to distinguish the rubber compounds

Published by Christine

They've been talking about it for a long time, so long that I stopped paying attention. But now the FIA has decided that teams will have to make their tyre choice obvious to all and sundry.

There'll be some kind of marking to indicate the two different types of tyres and this late rule change means the onus is on the tyre supplier to ensure that there are only two and that they are "visibly distinguishable".

Supposedly this is to help fans understand what each team is doing and make the competition easier to follow.

Teams didn't see it like that, of course, and instantly worried themselves that their rivals down the pitlanes would also be able to see what they had chosen for that particular day. It's taken a long time to convince them that this is the way forward.

Do they expect us to believe that they didn't all know what each other was doing anyway?