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Two weeks in Britain - Silverstone will be our home for testing and the race

Published by Mr. C

For the next 14 days Sidepodcast is going a little bit Great Britain crazy, because not only is our home GP just around the corner, but we've got three days of fantastic Silverstone testing to look forward too as well.

Kimi Räikkönen testing at Silverstone in 2007

As I attended on my lonesome last year, Christine's never been to a test before, so we're planning a whole bunch of coverage for you this week. Wednesday is the big day and if you're in the vicinity of Northamptonshire please don't hesitate to stop us and say "Hi". We'll be packing both audio and video equipment, so if you're up for an interview then all the better (no pressure, although we have been known to offer bribes).

I should point out that the organisation was nothing less than chaotic last year. A last minute announcement from McLaren suggested Lewis would be attending, and the place went crazy. Logistics simply couldn't cope with the unexpected influx of fans, which was both a blessing and a curse as on the one hand it was easy pickings to wander around the whole track, while on the other the place was severely lacking in basic amenities.

Timo Glock testing at Silverstone in 2007

This year the situation may be even worse because, although the test is sold out and there shouldn't be any unexpected crowds, the close proximity of testing to the actual GP weekend means that many sections of the track will be out of bounds. Originally, rumour had it that we'd be confined to the area known as Farm, but it seems unlikely that such a large number of people could be squeezed into such a confined space, so it's possible larger areas will be opened up.

The forecast is currently showing three days of fine weather and as ever, we'll do our very best to bring you all the gory details, good or bad.

To whet your appetite, here's how we covered the event last year:

Hopefully we'll have even more photos, videos, audio and words to document the goings on this year. If you're going too, please let us know in the comments.