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Tweets of the Week - Who would you want at the after-party? - Branching out from Twitter, and shooting down contract rumours

Published by Christine

With a damp weekend at Belgium put firmly behind us, Formula One is turning its attention to Monza. Tweets have been pouring in with excitement about the upcoming race, whether it's because of potential action, DRS tweaks, or just the simple fact that Monza has acres of history and is something special. Here are ten of my favourite tweets from the past seven days, featuring thoughts on Monza and more!

Abu Dhabi gets set for some BIG guests
Abu Dhabi gets set for some BIG guestsCredit: Yas Marina Circuit

Week Ending: 5th September 2011

1. I do enjoy a team tweeting their driver's nickname without quite admitting it.

The Incredible Hulkenberg is in the hot seat for our next podcast answering your questions. Send them to us now and we'll pick the best ones

clubforce clubforce

2. They do tend to make us feel bad, with all their training tweets.

busy drivers this morning: @luizrazia has been to the gym & @karunchandhok already played badminton. some of us havent managed breakfast yet

MyTeamLotus MyTeamLotus

3. Brundle gives a quick update on his work status.

No I haven't signed with BBC, they know exactly how I feel about diluting F1 show. Just think BBC is one of best things our small island has

MBrundleF1 MBrundleF1

No I haven't signed for Sky either. Act in haste, repent at leisure as they say. Relax team, first 2012 race is March. Still 7 more in 2011

MBrundleF1 MBrundleF1

4. Red Bull infiltrate another social network.

Be our friend on foursquare:

redbullracing redbullracing

5. Abu Dhabi expect great things, but who would you want to see?

Hearing some BIG names are planned for the #F1 aftershows at the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix, especially the Friday. Who do you guys want to see?

GMeenaghan GMeenaghan

6. Did he cut a big ribbon with giant scissors?

Yes I am! RT @helensuckling: @JensonButton are you really opening a restaurant in Harrogate on Monday?

JensonButton JensonButton

7. "Are we there yet?" has never been so appropriate.

Off on road trip with wife to Monza. 11 miles to M25 and traffic jam. Not moving. Might reach Italy in time for the #ItalianGP

easonF1 easonF1

8. Your routine weather forecast - dry conditions, eh?

Rain-affected #F1 events in Hungary and Belgium, but early signs point to a dry Italian GP weekend. Early forecast -

radarguruf1 radarguruf1

9. Not just dry conditions, but a heatwave!

Mum & Dad have just come back from Italy where they were gripped by a heatwave. Mrs H not happy but I would take a hot race in Monza #f1

sarahholtf1 sarahholtf1

10. Great improvisational skills at work.

Just walked past a busker who managed to weave 'BBC' 'F1' and 'Eddie Jordan's shirts' into whatever song he was singing! #shocked #impressed

jakehumphreyf1 jakehumphreyf1

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