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Tweets of the Week - Who runs the world? - Wishing Anthony Davidson a swift recovery, and passing the F1 time

Published by Christine

The summer break is in full force but Twitter has not quietened down much at all. A couple of team tweeters have signed out for their fortnight off but the drivers appear to be relishing being able to chatter with the fans whilst the sport takes its summer holiday. Below, I've selected ten (or so) of the best tweets over the past seven days.

Paul di Resta fights for supremacy on track and at home
Paul di Resta fights for supremacy on track and at homeCredit: Force India F1 Images

Week Ending: 8th August 2011

1. Ant's holiday gets off to a difficult start.

Big shunt on the road bike yesterday. One broken collarbone and a rubbish start to the holidays!

antdavidson antdavidson

Thanks for all the get well Tweets. Booked in for a pinning of the bone Monday morning. Can't wait to have my left arm back!

antdavidson antdavidson

2. Pirelli's spokesman pulls no punches about their predecessor.

“@Bianca1_: @PaulHembery You make tyres to penalise agressive drivers. So unfair! Bridgestone was good for everyone.” everyone fell asleep.

PaulHembery PaulHembery

3. If you're missing F1, there's a little bit of a bonus video here.

Spectacular #Monza circuit, awesome #F1 sound - check out the video from my test this week -

LucasdiGrassi LucasdiGrassi

4. Rubens confirms his loyalty to his team.

working double hard to have a good car for next year.Problems do exist and we r here to solve them.Williams need me as much as I need them

rubarrichello rubarrichello

and to be honest I told Williams that if they offered me a 2 years contract that I would sign right now...

rubarrichello rubarrichello

5. Turns out F1 drivers don't just do battle on track, they also have to battle on the sofa.

Fighting over the tv on a Friday night. She wins.

pauldirestaf1 pauldirestaf1

6. You never can tell with Bernie.

Ecclestone: 'People may be killed if F1 cars are allowed to run on electric power'. We assume that's an observation, not a threat?

RaceTechmag RaceTechmag

7. If you thought the summer break was all about fancy holidays and sunny beaches...

Official f1 summer break has started, as has my diy job list! Drill on charge and ready to burst a water-main!


8. Posted yesterday, a bit of nostalgia for the UK circuit.

Today in 1939 #Brooklands held its final meeting. RIP, the world's first purpose-built paved racetrack, nestling majestically in #Weybridge

henryhopefrost henryhopefrost

9. Some love for the Prancing Horse.

Ferrari take a lot of flak but they are genuinely unique. Alonso told me he loves the family atmosphere

easonF1 easonF1

10. If you're struggling with the lack of F1, you're not alone.

Hello again. Walking round London yesterday I mistakenly thought I spotted @antdavidson, Timo Glock & Jarno Trulli! #f1

sarahholtf1 sarahholtf1

These F1 withdrawal symptoms really are becoming serious if I'm now hallucinating about drivers. Yikes! #f1

sarahholtf1 sarahholtf1

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