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Tweets of the Week - When F1 turns against you, try cycling - Thoughts on the Italian police, running a marathon, and gifts aplenty

Published by Christine

Another week, another race, and the Italian Grand Prix signals the end of the European season in summer. Now we're moving on towards the end of the championship, and things are getting tense out there in the F1 paddock. Even so, Twitter has been alive with news and rumours, talk of penalties and injuries, and of course, wine. Here are the ten or so best tweets I've spotted over the past week.

A bad day at the office for Jaime.
A bad day at the office for Jaime.Credit: Peter Fox/Getty Images

Week Ending: 12th September 2010

1. It's about commanding respect, you know?

Impressive style from the Italian police strutting around the Paddock. They have feathers. The law enforcement community needs more plumage.

redbullf1spy redbullf1spy

2. Our new favourite youngster is impulsive, to say the least.

Thinking of joining a half marathon here in Singapore tommorow. Hmm,definitely gonna be burned out by the end of the day! Let's Do It

nabiljeffri nabiljeffri

3. We've seen some underhanded tactics before, but this is taking it to a new level.

I got nice present from Jarno - maybe he is trying to get me drunk before qualifying! #fb

H_Kovalainen H_Kovalainen

4. Renault get a little confused. I wonder how many replies they got about this!

Another beautiful morning here in Spa. Gearing up for FP3 and then quali!

rf1paddockpass rf1paddockpass

5. Karun gets a new perspective.

Looking over the grid from our box... Interesting to see the different people and conversations going on from up here

karunchandhok karunchandhok

6. Drive through penalty, I reckon.

If you're having problems loading Manipe F1 web pages today (as I am), apologies. It will be investigated after the race (home to Ireland).

ManipeF1 ManipeF1

7. Jonathan does the maths so we don't have to.

Under old points system, Hamilton would lead Webber. Alonso 3rd, Button 4th, Vettel 5th. All within a victory of each other, like 2010

legardj legardj

8. Ant's weekend away from F1 is fruitful.

Job done! Winner of Silverstone 1000km with team Peugeot!! Great fight with the Audi's at the start. Nice to see so many fans here too!!

antdavidson antdavidson

9. I don't know who this guy is, but it sounds like a challenge.

How many mcdonalds can one man eat while waiting for a delayed flight?

clubforce clubforce

10. Now, let's finish with a triplet of tweets from Alguersuari, who has already expressed concern over his penalty in Italy. This first one means something along the lines of "I don't understand, we had good pace, these penalties are strange." Please feel free to correct me though, my Spanish is terrible.

No entiendo nada! Neumatico duro al principio complicado! Despues buen ritmo! Que sanciones tan extraÑassss


Shall i move into cycling¿. Jaja



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