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Tweets of the Week - Well done, well done, well done - Staying professional, analysing the season, and congratulations all round

Published by Christine

The last race of the year has been and gone, and that brings us to the last Tweets of the Week of the year. Brazil saw off the season in a reasonable fashion. Mark Webber secured his first and last win of the year, and many of the teams and drivers let out huge sighs of relief as the long racing months drew to a close. Here I have selected the best ten tweets of the last seven days, although really, most of them are from the last day or so because that's when all the good stuff happened.

Smiles all round on the Lotus pit wall in Brazil
Smiles all round on the Lotus pit wall in BrazilCredit: Team Lotus

Week Ending: 28th November 2011

1. It seems only right to go all that way and actually enjoy the action in front of you.

Decided i'm going to spend FP2 watching cars on track instead of a tv screen for a change ! Seems ridiculous but only 2nd time this year !

karunchandhok karunchandhok

2. I think Lotus achieved their goal.

yes yes yes well done well done well done well done to all at team lotus

tonyfernandes tonyfernandes

3. Alex Wurz takes to Twitter to defend the stewarding process... although was tweeting while he probably should have been concentrating.

Sorry twitter friends, I can not comment on a official decision of the 4 race stewards. That would be very unprofessional.

alex_wurz alex_wurz

4. I can imagine the cheers as the chequered flag fell.

Grand Prix on in Public bar this afternoon - Mark Webber 2nd on the grid excitement is mounting I can't wait to watch the race!

Thestagmentmore Thestagmentmore

5. I would drive 50,000 miles and I would drive 50,000 more.

Disappointing end to the season for Pastor - Rubens drove well to 14th and passed 50,000 raced miles today. Amazing.

WilliamsF1Team WilliamsF1Team

6. Rookie watch begins here.

Question is, will Pic be the only rookie on the 2012 grid? Other possible rookies include Clos, Bottas and Vergne. #F1

ManipeF1 ManipeF1

7. Crofty signs off the season with another silly statistic.

If you used the combined KERS power of the two Force India cars over the season to boil a kettle you'd be able to make 40,000 cups of tea :)

CroftyF1 CroftyF1

8. Reactions to the Lewis Hamilton/Felipe Massa story.

As I always say, there's nothing a hug can't fix


9. Lots of tweets about being a little bit tired starting to emerge.

That's it, first F1 season is over. Had so much fun driving And being part of Force India. Now some time to rest and spend time with family

pauldirestaf1 pauldirestaf1

10. Jenson has fond memories of Patrick, as the Williams stalwart makes a move.

Patrick Head who believed in me as a teenager & gave me a chance in F1 with Williams has decided 2 call it a day. Thanks for everything mate

JensonButton JensonButton

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