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Tweets of the week - Two tests down, two to go - Updates on Robert Kubica, whilst Jerez sees some testing action

Published by Christine

There was a lot of Twitter activity this week as four days of testing in Jerez were completed, with updates from teams, drivers and the media alike. There was also continued updates on Robert Kubica's condition, plus plenty of speculation over who might be in line to replace him when the season begins.

With talk of the weather, of new chassis developments, countdowns to launches and to the beginning of the season, it's been tough to pick ten of the best tweets this week. That is what I've done though, and here they are.

Jaime Alguersuari tests out the new adjustable rear wing
Jaime Alguersuari tests out the new adjustable rear wingCredit: Paul Gilham / Getty Images

Week Ending: 13th February 2011

1. McLaren give Gary Paffett the first go in the new car.

Ok some of you have guessed. I am to give the MP4-26 its first run today. Am really excited to be the first person to drive the car again.

GaryPaffett GaryPaffett

2. Virgin Racing launch their 2011 challenger, and are keen to show that money isn't everything.

It's not difficult to spend money! Clever engineering is about using a limited resource effectively. So says our president

MarussiaVirgin MarussiaVirgin

3. Nico gets settled in at his new team. Paul wasn't invited to dinner though, it seems.

Our new car looks quick! Hopefully quick enough for podiums. Having dinner with Adrian and Otmar in a few minutes

NicoHulkenberg NicoHulkenberg

4. Renault have been excellent in keeping us updated on Robert's condition.

Thanks to everyone who sent messages for Robert. Your response and support has been immense. We’ll let Robert know you’re thinking of him.

OfficialLRGP OfficialLRGP

5. Chandhok returns to the F1 paddock in Jerez

Funnily enough, I'm back in the same motorhome as last year - just new logos and people !

karunchandhok karunchandhok

6. Another voice added to the growing chorus concerned about the amount of activity required in the cockpit.

End of day 1 in jerez.Gearbox problem stopped me in the end.few issues but still many laps which was good.Complicated with KERS buttons +all

nico_rosberg nico_rosberg

7. Heikki chooses excellent ways to wind down - he needs to join our Sidepodchess club.

2h chess match going on in my hotel against my physio @fysio1 check the pic I'm the black ones his thinking now

H_Kovalainen H_Kovalainen

8. Toro Rosso explain another acronym we're going to have to learn.

Here in Jerez, we're running our DRS for the first time. DRS? Drag Reduction System, or adjustable rear wing to you and me.

ToroRossoSpy ToroRossoSpy

9. The hard work has already started...

The #Jerez #F1 test seems to have gone on for ages. Weekend tests- great for fans, not so go for mechanics/media that have 20 weekends ahead

jamesmoy jamesmoy

10. ...for everyone in the paddock.

aaaaand breathe. test over. meal and sleep tonight, fly home tomorrow, almost 36 hours in UK, then fly back to Spain for the next one. joy!

TeamAnglais TeamAnglais

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