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Tweets of the Week - Three cheers for Pastor - Opening Formula One up to the fans, in unexpected ways

Published by Christine

There have been all kinds of newsworthy incidents over the past few days, only one of which was the Monaco Grand Prix. It was an epic race, with fascination throughout. There were two drivers to keep an eye on through their stays in hospital. Reactions poured in to the red flag regulations, and more than that - reactions to the reactions from drivers after the event.

Here are ten of the best tweets from the week gone by.

Pastor Maldonado gets to grips with the Monaco circuit
Pastor Maldonado gets to grips with the Monaco circuitCredit: LAT Photographic

Week Ending: 30th May 2011

1. Who would have thought Monaco would have been one of the more open paddocks?

The paddock turnstiles have still not been installed which means fans can walk in and wander around. Feels a bit like an F1 open day.

alanbaldwinf1 alanbaldwinf1

2. It's a tough life in the harbour.

Dear people in the boat below us. There have been other bands since the rolling stones...

MarussiaVirgin MarussiaVirgin

3. Maybe that 107% needs to be a bit less?

just noticed that van der Garde's GP2 pole time at Monaco is three tenths faster than HRT's best lap so far....

TeamAnglais TeamAnglais

4. Our new overlords?

Great race. Welcome new F1 by Pirelli

LucasdiGrassi LucasdiGrassi

5. There's always more that can be done.

Glad to hear Sergio isn't seriously injured. That's a scary place to end up in the barriers. Still think we can do more to help with safety.

JensonButton JensonButton

6. I genuinely can't think of a better way. Can you?

The grandstands are full, the sun is shining and the Monaco GP is just five minutes away. What better way to spend a Sunday afternoon?

clubforce clubforce

7. It can't be fun to have a whole team under the weather.

Apologies in advance if there's a lack of noise from us today - sickness spreading across the team so we're all doing about four jobs today!

MyTeamLotus MyTeamLotus

8. Hip, hip, hooray!

Pastor drove brilliant all weekend though so still got a cheer from the boys when he got back to the garage

WilliamsF1Team WilliamsF1Team

9. It's not so much the 1,000 page rulebook, but the constant amendments you need to watch out for.

Did 2 F1 races on Sunday,1 long one 1 short one. In the short race you can change wings,tyres,engine,oops where's the 1000 page rulebook?!

AussieGrit AussieGrit

10. It is often the way, good news buried by bad.

#F1 Mixed responses on Lewis, many people very negative about him! Biggest shame is the fuss overshadowed great Jenson Button drive

adamcooperf1 adamcooperf1

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