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Tweets of the Week - There's tension in the paddock - Team radio, bring grumpy on Twitter, and the longest race ever

Published by Christine

Your regularly scheduled tweets of the week, here, after a special edition focused solely on the driver's reactions both before and after what was an incredible Korean Grand Prix. The racing itself was questionable, but you couldn't fault the afternoon for action and suspense. The championship is more uncertain than it's ever been, and everyone is gearing up for the final two races of the year.

From the initial concerns of the track, Korea managed to get everything done on time, and whilst it wasn't perfect, their only trouble came from the rain. Here are some thoughts from the entire weekend.

A 3pm start saw the podium ceremony held in almost complete darkness.
A 3pm start saw the podium ceremony held in almost complete darkness.

Week Ending: 24th October 2010

1. There was a lot of talk about questionable food this weekend. I'm not sure the Tourist Board had these kind of tweets in mind.

First stop on the trip and we haven't got a clue what we ordered. Thought chips, apparently not

clubforce clubforce

2. Virgin Racing's official tweeter was stuck at home, and faced the same time difference problems as the rest of us.

So what's the theory for FP3? Stay up, set the alarm or miss it completely? #f1

VirginRacing VirginRacing

3. You can't just tweet when everything's rosy, chaps.

Not a very good day at the office at all. Humour = in short supply.

redbullf1spy redbullf1spy

4. We only know what he sounds like when he's angry!

Some strange cackling comes over Radio Alonso. We think that is what his laugh sounds like when he is happy but we're not sure. #f1

sarahholtf1 sarahholtf1

5. There's only one man who can answer questions like these.

It was very very dark by the end, now pitch black, why did we have to start at 3pm local time? It leaves no margin for bad weather

CroftyF1 CroftyF1

6. I thought it felt like I had been sat in front of the screen forever.

Alonso wins Korea which is one of the longest grand prix in #f1 history. Race time set at 2 hours, 48 minutes 20.810 secs...

JRobertsF1 JRobertsF1

7. This is a good question. Also, what kind of hat?

What a race today, the WC is wide open once again with 2 races to go! Unbelievable. Take my hat off to Alonso. But what was Sutil on???

sanjeevpalar sanjeevpalar

8. It's easy to forget there's a championship happening throughout the grid.

Great result for @BSenna today. His 14th place puts him above GLO and DIG and strengthens HRT's lead over Virgin in constructors' champ.

willbuxton willbuxton

9. A bit of insight that we didn't see on camera.

Hamilton says Webber had done many mistakes on the same lap before crashing. Looks like it was inevitable. #F1

ManipeF1 ManipeF1

10. Fight! Fight! Fight!

Glock's having a pop at our Seb. So that would be because he's never caused an accident at all ever then?

ToroRossoSpy ToroRossoSpy

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