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Tweets of the Week - The summer break starts here - Teams and drivers make plans for the upcoming F1-free weeks

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With the Hungarian Grand Prix being exciting but marginally less controversial than those that came before it, F1 heads straight into it's summer break - a month of sitting at home, waiting for the action to begin again in Spa. Those on Twitter are having to think up ways to keep themselves occupied, and that can only benefit us watching.

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Week Ending: 8th August 2010

1. Virgin Racing have an idea to keep everyone occupied - communal watching of the official F1 season reviews.

Worried there's no #F1 on for four weeks? We've suggested to @KazzieAngel - get the 1986 season DVD, watch at 2pm on Aug 15. Are you in?

VirginRacing VirginRacing

2. An empty McLaren garage, glistening and gleaming in all it's white glory. Ron would be proud.

A rarity - no noise in the race bays at MTC today - the rest of the McLaren group is still up and running though!

TheFifthDriver TheFifthDriver

3. Adam is looking further ahead than the summer break, worried about what next year's calendar could bring.

Hilarious that the provisional 2011 calendar has Japan-Brazil back to back. It's acknowledged as one of the world's toughest flights...

adamcooperf1 adamcooperf1 takes about 30 hours if you're lucky, and meanwhile you have a 12 hour time difference to screw with your head!

adamcooperf1 adamcooperf1

4. Stuart wonders who would volunteer for such a thing.

Hilarious idiots on AUTOSPORT forum pontificating that someone should have fielded Rosberg's flying wheel. After you...

teamSCboard teamSCboard

5. Lucas is already preparing for the next race in Spa, and is a big fan of the circuit!

Driving at Spa on the simulator. What a beautiful track. If they want to extend the number of GPs they could do at least 5 races at Spa.

LucasdiGrassi LucasdiGrassi

6. This mini off-season is already starting to affect the output of some of the excellent F1 media.

Today I have mostly been tiling a shower. Mostly.

MrSteveMatchett MrSteveMatchett

666 followers. Spooky


I know it's a bit sad but I went to see the A Team movie this morning and really enjoyed it. I was the only person in the cinema though.

f1photos f1photos

7. Meanwhile, Jake Humphrey is another one planning ahead, confirming the news that Lee will get a chance as the BBC's F1 anchor.

And yes I am not hosting the Japanese GP as I want to cover the Commonwealths. Trust me @leemckenzief1 will be great! ;-)

jakehumphreyf1 jakehumphreyf1

8. Things you don't think about when pondering what it's like to be an F1 driver.

Just got back from a typically British windy 55k ride. Problem is when you only weigh 56kg it pretty much blows me anywhere!! Ahem.

antdavidson antdavidson

9. The race edit comes out late enough to provide a little bit of entertainment.

"How the f*** is Mark in front now? How is that possible?" exclaims Vettel on the team radio in Hungary! Watch the race edit now on

JRobertsF1 JRobertsF1

10. Jenson heads into his London Triathlon under the weather but still finishes in the top five.

Hey guys had a pretty bad night last night with a virus... Been to the GP, he says I've got a mild case of tonsillitis :-( & bad congestion.

The_Real_JB The_Real_JB

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