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Tweets of the Week - That's what we're talking about - Straight line testing, TV appearances, and fan forum fun

Published by Christine

There was information overload this week as six of the teams descended upon Sochi in Russia to demo Formula One to the expectant fans. Tweets, pictures and video poured back to us and it was excellent, if exhausting! There were plenty of other activities going on this week, though, and here are ten of the best tweets from the last seven days.

Mark Webber puts his thinking cap on this evening
Mark Webber puts his thinking cap on this eveningCredit: GEPA Pictures/Franz Pammer

Week Ending: 18th July 2011

1. There's nothing like leaving it to the last minute.

last min call up to kemble airfield for some driving duty tomorrow at straight line test, so packing up from brackley & heading down now !

karunchandhok karunchandhok

2. Good job it wasn't back to back races this week.

I'm back with you, I was under rest this week after having a flu but now I'm well....

Pastormaldo Pastormaldo

3. It's hard to pick one tweet from all the Russia correspondence, but why not one that showed a positive end?

The sun goes down on a frankly awesome weekend in Sochi. Cannot wait to come back! #Sochitour

MarussiaVirgin MarussiaVirgin

4. If you can see it, Webber's gonna be on TV.

is on BBC1 Question of Sport (@QofS_Official) tonite at 10.35pm. See how you get on with my home question!

AussieGrit AussieGrit

5. Jacques is more popular than I'd imagined.

I can now reveal you voted Jacques Villeneuve your fav Williams-Renault champ!

WilliamsF1Team WilliamsF1Team

6. What to expect from the weather in Germany?

#F1 weather: Showers expected at the #Nurburgring this weekend for the German GP. Early forecast details now up -

radarguruf1 radarguruf1

7. The fan forum continues to travel the globe.

Pirelli have announced that the next FOTA fans forum will be held at their Milan headquarters on Sept 7 and conducted in Italian.

alanbaldwinf1 alanbaldwinf1

8. What happens when drivers live near each other.

Waited patiently for @karunchandhok to cycle past before I could exit the supermarket car park. Made sure I gave him some 'encouragement'

antdavidson antdavidson

9. Art imitating life, Part 1.

Lots of questions about Lewis in Cars 2 Well he was on pole for 1 race but didn't win any & crashed once Bit like his real season sadly

CroftyF1 CroftyF1

10. Art imitating life, Part 2.

Seb Vettel may not be in the movie but I chuckled when Lighting McQueen wins a race and says: "That is what I am talking about....."

NobleF1 NobleF1

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