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Tweets of the Week - That end of term feeling - Drivers join Twitter, get nicknames, and get ready to party

Published by Christine

And that was it! The racing is done, we have our new championship, and the off-season starts now. As noted in the comments earlier, all the paddock hugging, good wishes and thanks to all have made it feel like term is ending, and I suppose in a way it is. However, there is still just time to look back over the week that was, and see which tweets have made the grade for me over the last seven days.

The class of 2010
The class of 2010Credit: Virgin Racing

Week Ending: 14th November 2010

1. If the username didn't convince you, McLaren's official Twitter account have confirmed it.

Yes, it's really Lewis @IamLewis4Real

TheFifthDriver TheFifthDriver

2. Duly noted, but only if I can extend it to Fireman Heikki.

Hey c'mon guys i prefer the fireman as a nickname much more than hokey-kokey...

H_Kovalainen H_Kovalainen

3. An incredible tweet showing how one car following another can report back to the garage, and the message can be tweeted down the pitlane.

Hi @MikeGascoyne timo reporting possible brake fluid loss on jarnos car

VirginRacing VirginRacing

4. The podium celebrations weren't as spectacular as they could have been.

Need something better than fizzy pop for season finales I reckon

NobleF1 NobleF1

5. Whether it's because you're glad of the free time, or eager for the 2011 season to begin, the countdowns have begun.


gcreighton gcreighton

6. Maurice thinks Vettel's performance will cause some reassessment.

Vettel gave most thoughtful and mature press conf. This + his performance this weekend blows away doubts he isn't ready to become champion.

MauriceHamilton MauriceHamilton

7. I am intrigued by the meaning of this - was he rooting for Webber?

Congratulations to Vettel I'm very please to him even if I would like to see other on his position, but he was amazing, tremendous driving.

luizrazia luizrazia

8. Will we see this guy again next year?

Thanks guys. The race today was good. 50+ laps with a set of tyres. I learned a lot this year and thank you for all the support.

LucasdiGrassi LucasdiGrassi

9. When they say rest, they mean party.

We’ll now enjoy a long and well-deserved rest before testing for 2011 begins. On Tuesday.

redbullf1spy redbullf1spy

10. It's not all fun and games though, particularly with a case of mistaken identity.

If one more person comes up and congratulates me on winning the world championship, I might have to hit them. We areToro Rosso not Red Bull.

ToroRossoSpy ToroRossoSpy

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