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Tweets of the Week - Survival of the fittest - Timo Glock becomes a difficult patient

Published by Christine

With the season finally starting to creep ever closer, drivers have upped their training regimes and are tweeting about their progress. Sadly, Timo Glock had a bit of a setback with the onset of appendicitis but he's recovering nicely, albeit slower than he would like.

Keeping an eye on the twists and turns in the health of our drivers has been a priority this week, and here are ten of the best tweets from the last seven days.

Mark Webber, Superman
Mark Webber, SupermanCredit: Vladimir Rys/Getty Images

Week Ending: 7th March 2011

1. Paul di Resta seems to be setting himself up for a post-F1 career before he's even started.

Back home now. Great morning with the @BBCBreakfast. Really cool to see how it all works.

pauldirestaf1 pauldirestaf1

2. Rubens is the man to go to for health updates on his fellow F1 people.

to my friends that got worried with Sir Jackie Stewart I can say that he is fine...he had a full check up and he feels good now

rubarrichello rubarrichello

3. Karthikeyan introduces us to another element of Formula One that needs attention.

Had a long overdue haircut. Now at my hairodynamic optimum for the season kick-off.

narainracing narainracing

4. Glock's girlfriend is finding him to be a bit of a handful.

It's Not easy to Be a Nurse of a really Active Person!!!!

IsabellDoreen IsabellDoreen

5. You can see why.

Mega weather and I am just able to do a little walk how boring is this!!! My bike puts on rust already !!!!

realTimoGlock realTimoGlock

6. Ferrari have always had a way with words.

Ferrari say they have renamed their F1 car yet again to "make it clear even to the thickest of people" that it is not a truck.

alanbaldwinf1 alanbaldwinf1

7. It's a good idea in principle, but in practice...

I don't get this 'The Chain to No1' idea. Surely F1 fans already have it in their music collection. I have, I'm not going to buy it again!

JRobertsF1 JRobertsF1

8. Weather watching already, but it could make things even more intriguing.

With Australia chilly, and Barcelona not hot - it means Pirelli's first proper hot running on 2011 cars will be FP1 in Malaysia. Interesting

NobleF1 NobleF1

9. One of our favourite pairings has split for the coming season.

I wish all the best to @H_Kovalainen. Unfortunately we couldn't agree with the team about some things so it's time for new challenges.

Fysio1 Fysio1

10. Mark Webber reveals his completed exercise programme for the day. Maybe.

Just done 11.23k swim 431.5k road ride 130.5k paddle 68.5k run 158.5k mtb 45.6k coasteering,big day it was. Skydiving tonight can't wait!!

AussieGrit AussieGrit

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