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Tweets of the Week - Starting to test, and wishing all the best - New names and faces join the social network ahead of the season

Published by Christine

This weekend has been a tough one on Twitter, but it also shows the medium at it's very best. News of Kubica's accident broke, and in those first few hours of unknown, Twitter was not a very nice place to be. However, as soon as facts started emerging, it was an incredible way for information to be passed along, and it showed the strength of a connected community.

This week was not all about Kubica, of course, although he continues to dominate our thoughts. These are ten of the best tweets from the last seven days.

Webber gets his head around this testing business
Webber gets his head around this testing businessCredit: Mark Thompson/Getty Images

Week Ending: 6th February 2011

1. Rosberg gets to grips with his new car round the Valencia circuit.

I felt fully at home! Unusual for a new car. Good grip in Hairpins. Now broken:(

nico_rosberg nico_rosberg

2. Do you get the feeling the drivers were excited to get back to work?

Lewis opens the throttle for the first time in three months and clicks on the radio: "Woooo-hoo!" Feels good, eh?

TheFifthDriver TheFifthDriver

3. Everybody's favourite duo were back together in Valencia, although something was different.

Just been chatting with @BSenna - very confusing without his blue hat !

karunchandhok karunchandhok

4. We need a campaign for Alonso to join Twitter. You can't buy insight like this.

Fernando Alonso gave his opinion on rival cars today: "The Red Bull is the same colour as last year, and the Renault is not the same colour"

NobleF1 NobleF1

5. A new face appears on Twitter, coerced into it by a certain Anthony Davidson.

#F1 Just been on the phone with Twitter rookie @alex_wurz. He got over 2000 followers in 24 hours. And an e-mail re each of you...

adamcooperf1 adamcooperf1

6. Alex spent his first day on Twitter amusing himself through the Peugeot press conference.

any audi fans r out and about - its time 2 get scared. The new 908 looks mega. Marc, Anthony and me will rock! LeMans here we come

alex_wurz alex_wurz

7. More important insight into testing.

1st week of testing done,think I pressed all the right buttons!!!

AussieGrit AussieGrit

8. It has not been all work, work, work this week. There's also been time for play.

My new toy!!!

Sebastien_buemi Sebastien_buemi

9. Tony seems like an incredible person to have around in a crisis.

Airasia have rescued 2000 people. , 1200 yesterday from cairo to jeddah. Today a320 joins operation to rescue from alexandria

tonyfernandes tonyfernandes

10. There were a lot of good wishes for Kubica, but this seemed one of the very best.

In '03 Kubica severely broke his arm, made a speedy recovery & won upon his 1st race back as my teammate. Do it again my friend, good luck!

RyanBriscoe6 RyanBriscoe6

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