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Tweets of the Week - Planes, trains and automobiles - F1 teams and drivers get back to work as the summer break draws to a close

Published by Christine

The F1 holiday is starting to come to a close, and people are either coming back refreshed and ready to get going, or they're eager and more than ready and can't stand the waiting any longer. Still, Twitter is there to keep us up to date with what everyone has been up to on their weeks off, plus there's even bit a bit of F1 news to enjoy as well.

A hectic trip for di Resta after racing at Zandvoort.
A hectic trip for di Resta after racing at Zandvoort.Credit: Force India F1

Week Ending: 22nd August 2010

1. The doors are open, everyone is welcome inside. Well, not everyone. You have to be invited. - Back at the MTC, #McLaren HQ today after the 2 week shut down. Loads to do so gonna be a busy day.

GaryPaffett GaryPaffett

2. Mercedes confirm that they are losing one member of staff, and no word on who will replace him. I find the ellipsis intriguing though.

We confirmed this morning that Nick has been released from the team to become the new test driver for Pirelli...

OfficialMGP OfficialMGP

3. Nick's move gets Edd's seal of approval.

Good move from Heidfeld to leave Merc for Pirelli. Unlikely to get a race seat there and tyre knowledge will be a plus for his 2011 chances.

eddstrawF1 eddstrawF1

4. Andy is missing the noise of the race weekend.

Thankfully, just one week left till we leave for Spa. Soon the Ardennes reverberate to the sounds of V8s at 18,000rpm...

andystobart andystobart

5. It's one way to get new followers.

We are following @markblundellF1 - you should too, he says it's for a good cause. Or it might have been a bet #moreLikely

VirginRacing VirginRacing

6. AUTOSPORT's technical whizz returns from his holiday with great company.

Sat behind me on the plane is @InsideFerrari press supremo Luca Colajanni, also wrapping up his holiday and heading back to the #F1 rat race

gcreighton gcreighton

7. HRT's press officer is still looking forward to the Belgian race and is by no means counting down to it.

In exactly 10 DAYS the #F1 race in Spa will be starting... NOW THIS MINUTE!!!! #cantwaitformoreF1

tabathavalls tabathavalls

8. Are you trying to convince us or yourselves?

I am sure it will all be fine in Korea to be honest!

5liveF1 5liveF1

9. Ant comes up with an idea that would be enormously popular with fans.

Good to be back in the sim after the summer break. I reckon all the F1 teams should hook them up and have an 'online sim championship'!!!

antdavidson antdavidson

10. I'm sure there's a film premise in there somewhere.

Back home now after enjoying a hectic trip via cars, trains & a plane! Blog updated;

pauldirestaf1 pauldirestaf1

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