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Tweets of the Week - One step forward, one step back - Looking forward to the first race of the year, in Australia

Published by Christine

This week has been dominated by the discussions about Bahrain, and Twitter has been a good place to get the general feeling of fans, teams, and media alike. Most seemed to settle on the side of not hosting a race there for now, so it is something of a relief that the confirmation came from the Crown Prince today.

Elsewhere, the pre-season tests have been continuing, with Barcelona hosting a four-day stint this past weekend. Lots of great photos and information coming from Twitter as the season limps closer.

Here are my ten(ish) favourite tweets for this week.

Red Bull are on a testing mission - better not get too close
Red Bull are on a testing mission - better not get too closeCredit: Pirelli

Week Ending: 21st February 2011

1. Before Barcelona, the Jerez test hosted some interesting running.

Small insight into what was happening yesterday in Jerez with Ferrari #f1 #formula1 #ferrari

andy_hone_snapa andy_hone_snapa

2. Martin Brundle gives an insight into the life of a BBC commentator.

Walked out of sauna 4 big Russian guys there. One says 'your crash Melbourne '96 was amazing, it's an honour to be naked with you'. I smile

MBrundleF1 MBrundleF1

3. Adam Hay-Nicholls gives a brief update on Dean Stoneman.

Dean Stoneman making "good progress" after 2nd 5day cycle of chemo. WSR team still have option on him for 2012. Fingers crossed for the lad.

AdamHayNicholls AdamHayNicholls

4. For the teams, testing is not about being particularly open.

Hospitality guests out for a tour of the pitlane. Most teams have laid on show cars for them to look at, with the 2011 kit hidden away. #F1

gcreighton gcreighton

5. And some are taking it further than others!

Red Bull Racing let a fire extinguisher off at a #F1 photographer this morning as he got too close. Not very good marketing really! Mmmhh.

jamesmoy jamesmoy

6. Said before the decision was made, but everyone has thoughts about Bernie!

Can't quite believe that with the ruthless treatment of Bahrain's protesters Ecclestone is talking about Grand Prix prospects there #Bahrain

stephenfry stephenfry

7. On a lighter note, Mike Gascoyne's partner gets domestic. Or not.

Very domesticated. Baking a cake!

sschaumloeffel sschaumloeffel

Right, that didn't work, cake burnt, my fireplace is cold again and just broke a glas thingy..doh..domestic nightmare

sschaumloeffel sschaumloeffel

8. Pedro de la Rosa gives himself a bit of a pat on the back. He was the only one out there though.

Raining in Monza all day. I forgot how good I was on the wet...:))

PedrodelaRosa1 PedrodelaRosa1

9. An update on Kubica this time.

Mark Webber visited Robert Kubica today. They discussed the injury and rehab programme the Australian went through when he broke his leg #F1

cmckinleyF1 cmckinleyF1

10. And thus, although we all wish Bahrain the best, Jake has it about right.

So, first race of the year will be Australia, which somehow just feels right doesn't it? #bbcf1

jakehumphreyf1 jakehumphreyf1

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