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Tweets of the Week - One championship down, one to go - Which driver brings breakfast with him wherever he goes?

Published by Christine

The goings on in Brazil have set up a fascinating championship finale, but only one of the titles will go down to the wire. Red Bull managed to secure the constructor's trophy at Interlagos, although it wasn't easy. Things are getting tense in the paddock as the end of the season looms ever closer. Teams are starting to look past the current battle to the future, as well, as 2011 will be here before we know it.

It's a party atmosphere in Brazil.
It's a party atmosphere in Brazil.Credit: Paul Gilham/Getty Images

Week Ending: 7th November 2010

1. Ignore the fact that the Twitter character count means it's been squished up to say 'scar' and here's an insight into next year.

Visited team 2day+got extensive insight into next year'scar.Very confident we will b strong.Maybe not fastest straight away but not far off.

nico_rosberg nico_rosberg

2. The Virgin Racing test driver confirms what we all know - the Brazil fans are some of the best.

BBC commentator came to be to say that he loved our country Brasil, he said the people and the energy are amazing. Thank you all Brazilians.

luizrazia luizrazia

3. It is very sweet for Heikki to be bringing his own breakfast.

Got my own finnish porridge with me always for breakfast!

H_Kovalainen H_Kovalainen

4. A glimpse of how late the teams have to hang around the garages. - Still at the track, stayed with the engineers and now waiting for the FIA legality check to be done

tabathavalls tabathavalls

5. Tony Fernandes reacts to the ongoing Lotus Racing vs Group Lotus rumours with a bit of encouragement for his team.

Super proud of team yesterday. Everything we have done is right. Nothing flash. No flash shows just real and damm hard work. No shortcuts.

tonyfernandes tonyfernandes

6. A checklist for Heikki before heading towards the garage.

Breakfast, helmets, race wears, drinks, lunch, pit board. All checked. Ready to go! @h_kovalainen @redstepjani

Fysio1 Fysio1

7. It takes Williams a while to get used to being at the front of the grid.

Its nuts being in pole! Mr E wishes Nico luck!

WilliamsF1Team WilliamsF1Team

8. Not content with blaring the song repeatedly from the garage, Red Bull celebrate via Twitter as well.

We are indeed the champions.

redbullf1spy redbullf1spy

9. Attention turns to the next and final race of the year.

Second place for Alonso in Abu Dhabi will secure the title for him, but will be be able to beat one of the Bulls? #F1

ManipeF1 ManipeF1

10. And the tension shows for a certain Aussie.

Webber told me was up at 5:30am desperate to get to the track He's happy it's back to back as it cuts down number of sleepless nights

LeeMcKenzieF1 LeeMcKenzieF1

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