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Tweets of the Week - On the buses - Aiming high, signing a new contract, and starting a debate

Published by Christine

Another weekend of hard work as the drivers and teams headed to the Nürburgring for a race, with one eye also on the Hungarian Grand Prix next week. From travelling to driver contracts, everything has been discussed on Twitter this week, and these are some of the best tweets from the past seven days.

Timo Glock renews his contract with Virgin Racing
Timo Glock renews his contract with Virgin RacingCredit: Virgin Racing

Week Ending: 25th July 2011

1. This is a whole new brand of optimism.

Been working out today on speed and reaction, feeling incredibly fast for the weekend! Watch out Vettel!

H_Kovalainen H_Kovalainen

2. I wonder if we might see a Rubens tribute next week.

I am sorry to hear that we lost the great Sid Mosca...he painted my very first helmet.We will miss u my friend...

rubarrichello rubarrichello

3. Sometimes having a racing driver boyfriend means doing things you don't really want to.

Kamui Kobayashi treated his girlfriend to a Nordschleife lap yesterday. She got scared at the first corner, so he had to drive at 60 km/h

NobleF1 NobleF1

4. A sneak peek inside the medical car.

AMG must think I have a heavy right foot! We might need some space for medical gear as well.

alanvdm alanvdm

5. Part of a four tweet special from Glock sums up his new contract at Virgin. I know they aren't fast, but they are hardly coaches!

I feel very comfortable with Marussia Virgin Racing. This is the reason why I decided to contribute to coachwork on the team for the next three years.

realTimoGlock realTimoGlock

6. Teams do so love to throw the drivers in at the deep end.

Vertical learning curve today doing more than 10 laps in a row for the first time ! Gained a lot of experience finishing the race distance

karunchandhok karunchandhok

7. I am somewhat glad to see Alonso doing better, if it means an end to the bitter tweets!

Fernando is the driver who scored more points in the last three races, a confirmation of the progress we made

InsideFerrari InsideFerrari

8. Yes. Maybe. And no.

Quick debate to start the week.. F1's summer break: is it necessary? do we need a month gap? or should we just plough on through to the end?

MyTeamLotus MyTeamLotus

9. Thank goodness. The BBC coverage was just not the same without TedNews.

My 2 week paternity leave is up - Back for 3rd Practice, Qualifying and Race in Budapest. Will McLaren be as strong in warmer conditions?

tedkravitz tedkravitz

10. An early weather forecast, but I refuse to believe a word of it, given what did or didn't occur in Germany.

Warmer weather will be very welcome at the #Hungaroring this weekend. Early #F1 forecast details now up -

radarguruf1 radarguruf1

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