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Tweets of the Week - More than just Ferrari furore - All the social media reactions from the German Grand Prix

Published by Christine

It's been a stressful weekend of motorsport as the German Grand Prix caused all kinds of surprises. Fans turned to Twitter to express their thoughts on the actions of Ferrari during the race - and I feel a bit sorry for whoever has to sift through all those replies! However, it's not all about Ferrari. Here are a selection of F1 related tweets from throughout the week for you.

Heikki made his own way to Hockenheim.
Heikki made his own way to Hockenheim.Credit: Lotus Racing

Week Ending: 25th July 2010

1. We're actually starting with two tweets as di Grassi gives some valuable insight into the tyre situation.

Tyre analysis: hardest - Pros: very consistent during race. Cons: difficult to warm up, low grip level. To consider: how hot weather will be

LucasdiGrassi LucasdiGrassi

Softest -Pros: high grip 1 lap, easy to warm up, good for the start. Cons: high wear, might overheat, slow long run. To consider: track grip

LucasdiGrassi LucasdiGrassi

2. I don't know why I find it surprising but drivers sure do drive a lot!

Starting road trip to Hockenheim, quiet roads 470km to go, bit late night but I like driving at night so no problems... #fb

H_Kovalainen H_Kovalainen

3. A new way of dreaming up strategies - canvassing the fans?

Radar saying 5-10 minute showers. Should we wait or go and scrub a set of extremes?

VirginRacing VirginRacing

4. I don't want to start casting any aspersions here, but I don't believe him!

Returning from the Vettel Fan Camp. He's signed 4,628 autographs this afternoon.I counted.

redbullf1spy redbullf1spy

5. Oh, alright then. This is the tweet that exploded a million tempers.

Fernando overtook Felipe and now is leading the race

InsideFerrari InsideFerrari

6. There were muted celebrations following that "overtake".

I demand a new rule: Mandatory happiness for the podium finishers. You are rich, you are famous, you drive an F1 car, so smile..


7. Ant compliments his 5live buddy who does a great job interrogating the top three.

@Croftyf1 doing a great job in the unilateral post race!! Lol

antdavidson antdavidson

8. Another statistic for the fact-fans (assuming the results remain unchanged).

That's the 23rd "win" for Alonso. That puts him =9th in the all-time list alongside Nelson Piquet.

eddstrawF1 eddstrawF1

9. The BBC swiftly diverting questions to the proper source.

Thanks for all your questions - more helpful answers may come from asking @InsideFerrari

sarahholtf1 sarahholtf1

10. More unpopular decisions from HRT leave Karun watching the race from home.

I'm clearly a rookie at watching races here - how do I access the bbc forum ??

karunchandhok karunchandhok

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