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Tweets of the Week - Making the best F1 shows - Meeting clever people, returning to Twitter, and watching movies

Published by Christine

With the Canadian Grand Prix drifting into our memories, attention turns to the upcoming European race in Valencia. Meanwhile, the drivers are still working out, teams are busy signing up new deals, and the future of F1 on the BBC is under scrutiny. These are ten of the best tweets of the last seven days.

The future of the BBC F1 coverage is dominating headlines - will we lose this trio?
The future of the BBC F1 coverage is dominating headlines - will we lose this trio?Credit: Mark Thompson/Getty Images

Week Ending: 20th June 2011

1. Button finally appears on Twitter following his win, and is in a pretty good mood!

I told u it was going to b an action packed race!! What a day & what a night ;-) love that feeling when u jump out of the car &

JensonButton JensonButton

The whole team r there to celebrate one of the best races of your life! Winning rocks!!!!

JensonButton JensonButton

2. I love the idea of Timo sharing more, but I probably won't look. It's bound to be depressing.

From 2today on sometimes I have some more infos about my workout.

realTimoGlock realTimoGlock

3. I'm going to be honest and say I didn't notice he'd gone, but still a big welcome back!

Here I am back on twitter!

pauldirestaf1 pauldirestaf1

4. I suppose they have to be smart to be able to offer something to the smart F1 people.

Back in the office after two days in New York visiting General Electric for the sponsorship announcement. Met lots of very clever people

MikeGascoyne MikeGascoyne

5. Something else I didn't know. These Q&As can be quite useful!

“@joelhatton: @H_Kovalainen is it true you have a bleep in your ear when you have to change gear !!!!!!!” Yes not very loud tho

H_Kovalainen H_Kovalainen

6. The reactions from Senna continue to pour in, but this is a new one.

Enjoyed the Senna film,toughest moment for me was seeing David Bradham reaction to Roland crash,he was a brave man to race that car next day

AussieGrit AussieGrit

7. I'm sure this made Crofty's day.

In other news @CroftyF1 is 63 today, so wish him a very happy birthday if you get the chance!

5LiveF1 5LiveF1

8. What other crossovers could we have?

Ah, I do wish they would introduce the 'gentlemen start your engines' call into F1!! Makes me smile each time I hear it!

emmastonier emmastonier

9. Weather forecasts look slightly warmer for the upcoming weekend.

After the wet Canadian GP, loving the prospect of 'wall-to-wall sunshine' that @radarguruf1 is predicting for Valencia

NobleF1 NobleF1

10. Martin Brundle probably has the most sensible view of the speculation over the future of F1 on the BBC.

I understand everything at BBC is under review for savings including sports rights. We can only keep making our best F1 shows + wait to see

MBrundleF1 MBrundleF1

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