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Tweets of the Week - Lotus lapping rival new teams - All the reaction from the long and epic Canadian Grand Prix

Published by Christine

All the sports seemed to collide this week as journalists and drivers prepared for what turned out to be an epic Canadian Grand Prix, whilst at the same time cheering on their own countries in the World Cup. There was also the small thing of the Le Mans 24 Hour race going on at the same time. Twitter could barely cope! But here's a sample of the best tweets of the last week.

Heikki Kovalainen throws his T127 around Circuit Gilles Villeneuve on Sunday afternoon.
Heikki Kovalainen throws his T127 around Circuit Gilles Villeneuve on Sunday afternoon.Credit: Lotus Racing

Week Ending: 13th June 2010

1. Karun swaps one climate for another similar one.

bags packed and glad to be leaving a cold and wet brackley now.... except the forecast for montreal is cold and wet as well !!

karunchandhok karunchandhok

2. Our excitable friend counts down the hours.

Heading to paris and then to montreal! It is just amazing to race this weekend! I cant wait anymore!!! YESSSSS

jaimealguersuar jaimealguersuar

3. Heikki reluctantly picks a side.

My bet for winning the #worldcup is Argentina, not really bothered as Finland didnt qualify... #fb

h_kovalainen h_kovalainen

4. Sadly, his race was shortlived.

Montreal. Tough track but fun. VERY slippery but hopefully another strong weekend ahead. Good work today but much more to do tomorrow...

bsenna bsenna

5. Virgin's test driver is eyeing up other roles.

By the way Petrov is always doing a very good job! Alguersuari as well..... Hope to see very good qualy!

luizrazia luizrazia

6. Whilst his employers get to grips with a chaotic race.

It's like kwik fit in here today! Contemplating getting the tyres from the hire car ;-)

virginracing virginracing

7. A good point well made.

If you've got friends who still think overtaking is all about the cars and not about the circuit, make them watch Montreal over and over...

redbullf1spy redbullf1spy

8. Mike Gascoyne and Lotus continue to do well.

Great race from Heikki, and jarno was flying before his problem. Great to be racing the midfield and lapped all other new teams

mikegascoyne mikegascoyne

9. James Roberts considers sunglasses post-race.

Both Lewis and Jenson put on fresh jackets for the press conferences! Look at how shiny they are! #f1 #grandprix

jrobertsf1 jrobertsf1

10. Finally, a thought that is echoed across the globe.

Bar a short nap overnight, I've now been working for 36 hours. That's quite a lot. Whose daft idea was a Canada/Le Mans clash?

gcreighton gcreighton

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