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Tweets of the Week - Lessons in bravery - Bored drivers in Japan, what might they get up to?

Published by Christine

We saw a champion crowned in Japan this week, and whilst there were plenty of congratulatory tweets, I have steered clear of them. It's hard to avoid Red Bull altogether, of course, so there are peripheral questions in amongst the tweets. There are also some interesting insights into what drivers do on their days off, plus a team rivalries hotting up. Here are my top ten tweets from the last seven days.

Keeping your DRS wide-open around 130R in Suzuka
Keeping your DRS wide-open around 130R in SuzukaCredit: Andrew Ferraro/LAT Photographic

Week Ending: 10th October 2011

1. This is an excellent point to start us off.

Helmet designs are not so special when there's a 'special' helmet in every race


2. It's good to know that the puppet is doing his bit for charity.

Just learned Bernie bought 3000 tickets for victims of tsunami, plus all proceeds from sales of his puppet here going to tsunami charities.

ianparkesf1 ianparkesf1

3. I love the concept of being shot down in flames by a rival team's driver.

Heikki flat through 130R in quali with DRS open, easy for Vettel but good effort in our car, brave

MikeGascoyne MikeGascoyne

@MikeGascoyne it's not that brave we did it too

realTimoGlock realTimoGlock

4. Rubens gets his explaining hat on and talks about parc fermé. For some reason the capital B on blanket appeals to me.

there is a camera on the top of the car and a little locker on the open people can see that nobody touches the car after quali

rubarrichello rubarrichello

5. Celebrating a win, and a slightly stronger second place in the championship as well.

A lot of fun had by #TeamButton last night in celebrations of an amazing weekend here in Japan.. Very special victory because it's at Suzuka

JensonButton JensonButton

6. I dread to think what they might get up to!

#F1 Could be an interesting night in Tokyo, as I said earlier 18 out of 24 drivers are here, with nothing to do except not be in Korea...

adamcooperf1 adamcooperf1

7. This is not what I thought they'd get up to.

Felt an earthquake here in Tokyo, alarms in the city went on immediately after that! Hardcore the whole hotel was shaking!

H_Kovalainen H_Kovalainen

8. Silent karaoke does have a certain charm to it.

You should have seen Seb belting out Yellow Submarine on the karaoke last night. Note: seen. Not heard.

redbullf1spy redbullf1spy

9. It's just a matter of joining the dots.

Pirelli say they scrap significant numbers of unused tyres after each event. Wouldn't seem like an all-nighter to allocate these sets for Q.

MrSteveMatchett MrSteveMatchett

10. Goodness, where to start?

At Red Bull function. I've been asked a question. How do you feel about Red Bull's achievements so far,what do you think of them as a team?

MBrundleF1 MBrundleF1

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