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Tweets of the Week - Jetting off - Final preparations before the 2011 season gets underway

Published by Christine

This is our last Twitter roundup before the racing begins. By this time next week, we'll be looking at all the reaction from the first race of the year. Unfortunately, that means this week is all about people getting on planes, and trying to find their passport. Nevertheless, I have tried to find the best and the better from Twitter over the last seven days.

What a wonderful season opener
What a wonderful season openerCredit: Hispania Racing

Week Ending: 21st March 2011

1. Chandhok keeps it on message, even when it has nothing to do with motorsport.

Just seen news the clock counting down to the 2012 Olympics in London stopped working after one day.... They should have got a Tag Heuer !

karunchandhok karunchandhok

2. Williams delve into the history books ahead of the first race of the year.

Remember our six-wheeler??? Read Patrick Head's thoughts on it in the first of our new technical focus features ...

WilliamsF1Team WilliamsF1Team

3. Elsewhere at Williams, Sophie is keen to impress the boss.

Frank Williams just said he should drive back to Northampton with me to check I've got the right braking points for all the roundabouts!

SophieEden SophieEden

4. Ahead of Sebring, Davidson eyes up the cars in the car park.

Meanwhile there was slight confusion in #Sebring earlier when I was sure i spotted an F1 Ferrari in the car park…

antdavidson antdavidson

5. I do not envy having to be this organised.

Almost finished packing - 3 countries, 4 weeks, very different weather conditions and 1 reasonably sized suitcase! Impressed!

LeeMcKenzieF1 LeeMcKenzieF1

6. Kovalainen doesn't rate his own celebrity status much yet.

Many comments saying why don't I tell people "don't you know who I am", I've tried it doesn't work they don't actually know hahaha

H_Kovalainen H_Kovalainen

7. It may just be me, but I love this.

Going in cinema :)

vitalypetrov10 vitalypetrov10

Back home

vitalypetrov10 vitalypetrov10

8. Never mind The Chain for number one, we've got a cover version waiting to happen.

Their bags are packed, they're ready to go...leaving on a to go racing today!

clubforce clubforce

9. What, no more countdown?

Today is the day!! Off to Australia tonight!!!! Sooo excited #cantwaitformoreF1

tabathavalls tabathavalls

10. The weather for the upcoming weekend.

F1 WEATHER, AUSTRALIA: F'cast models are offering v good continuity: light showers poss Fri; dry or largely so Sat; dry & settled for race.

fergieweather fergieweather

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