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Tweets of the Week - I'm coming home now - The final action of 2010 takes place in Abu Dhabi

Published by Christine

There were four days added to the 2010 season, when teams and drivers stuck around in Abu Dhabi to complete two days of young driver testing, and two days assessment of the brand new Pirelli tyres. Along the way, paddock members have been dropping off, returning home, and getting back to a sense of normality. For about a month. Then it will all begin again with launches, and testing, and the new season. For now, though, it's goodbye to 2010.

And it's goodbye from him.
And it's goodbye from him.Credit: Force India F1

Week Ending: 21st November 2010

1. Rubens gig for next season is announced, and brings with it the first of the number coincidences.

Williams finally confirmed myself in the car.I am so happy...2011 with my number 11 in the car...bring it on

rubarrichello rubarrichello

2. That Nico sure knows how to party.

Nice way to finish the season with 4th!Had a big pool team party last night. Everyone thrown in. Now sitting in police car as I got stopped.

nico_rosberg nico_rosberg

3. Team Esteban provide unprecedented minute by minute coverage of his young driver test.

Esteban de regreso en el pit de Sauber! Esteban is back at Sauber's Pit Box! @estebangtz

estebanracing estebanracing

4. Karun will drive for anyone! (Although he did later complain shakedowns were boring.)

I'm driving in the GP2 test thurs to shakedown the new car for my old team ORT...good chance to try Pirelli tyres and knock the rust off !

karunchandhok karunchandhok

The guys and @Tiagosworld18 wanted some experience and I'm happy to fill in... Sights firmly still on F1 in 2011 but nice to drive again !

karunchandhok karunchandhok

5. I know of this really cool site, Heikki, full of fans with lots to say. It will keep you entertained for hours.

Looking forward to tyre testing already, I think it's going to be very long winter without F1, maybe need to find something to keep busy #fb

H_Kovalainen H_Kovalainen

6. The Bridgestone era is at an end.

A couple of Bridgestone mechanics took off their branded shirts and then donned Pirelli ones. There's been a muted, but key handover today.

JRobertsF1 JRobertsF1

7. It could only happen to a World Champion.

#F1 Another puncture for Vettel. Twice in two days makes it more likely to be a Pirelli issue than anything else.That's what testing is for.

byronf1 byronf1

8. Edd provided invaluable coverage of the test days.

What Pirelli does now: Analyse loads of data, work out the compounds, take them to test in Bahrain next month. Wet test might also be added.

eddstrawF1 eddstrawF1

9. Time for a holiday...

And that's it for 2010. The chequered flag falls on the final day of testing. We've been to five different continents, covered over...

clubforce clubforce

100,000 miles and scored 68 points. Thank you to every fan for your continued support. We'll be back in 2011 but time for a holiday now...

clubforce clubforce

10. ...but you have to come back, for Tabatha's sake.

First day at home after an amazing season, living the dream. I really can't imagine life without #F1!

tabathavalls tabathavalls

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