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Tweets of the Week - Here's to 100 more - Second year syndrome and street demonstrations

Published by Christine

There's been more sports action this past week, including racing in the US, and the start of the Premier League football season. However, our intrepid F1 tweeters are starting to gear up for the return of Formula One, as the summer break winds its way slowly towards its end. Some are counting down the days to Spa already.

Jarno Trulli steers Lotus through their second year
Jarno Trulli steers Lotus through their second yearCredit: Team Lotus

Week Ending: 15th August 2011

1. I wonder what the treatment is for such a diagnosis.

Didn't Team Lotus expect to be in the midfield this year? second year syndrome strikes again!

RacecarEngineer RacecarEngineer

2. Ant continues to recover from his injuries.

Woke up (in pain) at 6:20 but I'm 'challenging myself' to get to 7:00 before taking any painkillers. Isn't that just a little bit wrong?

antdavidson antdavidson

First day of rehab today. Pain has subsided already and finally off the painkillers. Even managed to hold my son for first time in 10 days!

antdavidson antdavidson

3. There's not an awful lot of important headlines doing the rounds.

#F1 Villeneuve says Raikkonen did not deserve his title


That will be a popular story


Remember, don't shoot the messenger..


4. It's a good question, and one we may have to ask a lot more in the future.

Is the BBC actually axing Spooks, or just showing edited highlights of half the episodes while Sky shows the series in full?

teamSCboard teamSCboard

5. Another street demo from McLaren, excellent work.

Jenson will be racing through the streets of Manchester in an F1 car on Aug 29th! Who's coming to watch?? #VodafoneVIP

TheFifthDriver TheFifthDriver

6. Is it a jump, or a fall?

Well done @realTimoGlock :))) crazy jump!

IsabellDoreen IsabellDoreen

7. This would be a game worth seeing.

Just seen @shakira plays golf too, I wonder what handicap she plays off...

H_Kovalainen H_Kovalainen

8. A bit more history from Henry Hope-Frost, posted on the 14th.

Remembering the most famous man in automotive history, who died 23 years ago today. RIP Enzo #Ferrari

henryhopefrost henryhopefrost

9. The spy is off on his holidays, how many more F1 references will we see?

Touchdown at LAX. Hoping my suitcase will be in pole position at baggage claim. #AmericanVacation

redbullf1spy redbullf1spy

10. One hundred races is an excellent achievement.

So Spa is my 100th Grand Prix as a commentator so I need a special car to drive to Belgium in. Well I don't but any excuse is a good excuse

CroftyF1 CroftyF1

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