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Tweets of the Week - Happy birthday, Felipe Baby - Ice cream fun, road trip adventures, and one word tweets

Published by Christine

After the mayhem of China, Formula One takes a three week break, and it's well timed as the sun came out in the UK. With Easter at the forefront of a lot of minds, chocolate is also a hot topic, along with other racing series taking some headlines.

Here are my top ten tweets from the past week.

Happy Birthday, Felipe Massa
Happy Birthday, Felipe MassaCredit: Pirelli & Co S.p.A.

Week Ending: 25th April 2011

1. This can be the new sign that summer has arrived.

First mr whippy for 2011 followed by a run in the sunshine. Nice to be back home

mikeycollier mikeycollier

2. Most excellent to hear from Bobby K, and about his subsequent release from hospital.

Robert talks to all of his fans and answers questions everybody has on their mind - #F1 #RobertKubica

OfficialLRGP OfficialLRGP

3. Forgive me, but I do enjoy the mystery of one-word tweets.


Sebastien_buemi Sebastien_buemi

4. I like to think I would exercise more if my gym looked like that.

I setup my concept2 rower outside for some interval training in the sun! 5x500m with 1min recovery between

H_Kovalainen H_Kovalainen

5. Road trip!

We’re reporting live from the road as we drive with the trucks to Turkey next week. Join us from Monday at

TheFifthDriver TheFifthDriver

6. 5Live commentator, Anthony Davidson, gets back behind the wheel.

Good day at #LeMans24Testing today. Really enjoyed my laps in the morning around this legendary circuit. Can't wait for the 12th June now!

antdavidson antdavidson

7. Wait a second... he doesn't always use chalk? The illusion is shattered!

Morning all. Coffee's on. Thought I'd lost my Stabilo Boss yellow highlighter yesterday but it turned up this morning, which was rather nice

MrSteveMatchett MrSteveMatchett

8. Responsible Easter Egg eating.

Happy Easter ...already done some long running so I can eat some chocolate eggs later today

rubarrichello rubarrichello

9. Tabatha asks to remember the calendar.

Where is the Malaysia GP race edit on OK the Chinese race was amazing, but no need to forget the Malaysia one! :-)

tabathavalls tabathavalls

10. For his birthday, he should get US the present of joining Twitter.

Today is Felipe Massa birthday. Happy 30th my good friend, lots of victories and more success. (he's not on Twitter!)

LucasdiGrassi LucasdiGrassi

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