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Tweets of the Week - Formula One is a hoot - Sitting on the sidelines, running the track, and supporting the family

Published by Christine

It's been a relatively quiet week as Formula One makes the transition from a hectic Australian opener to a hot and humid Malaysian follow up. Drivers are in training, teams have gone back to the drawing board, and everyone is in serious preparation mode.

That being said, discussions are still ongoing, with new racing drivers, suggestions for Sepang coverage, and some musical choices.

F1 thoughts turn to Malaysia
F1 thoughts turn to MalaysiaCredit: GEPA pictures/ Mathias Kniepeiss

Here are my top ten tweets from the last seven days.

Week Ending: 4th April 2011

1. After a little bit of praise from Sidepodcast HQ, 5Live respond with some inside information.

@sidepodcast thanks, and poor @NataliePinkham is a bit bashed and bruised after her first experience of F1 interview scrums!

5LiveF1 5LiveF1

2. The Hulk heads home between races, and admits how hard it is to be on the sidelines.

Back in Germany. It was hard to watch the others drive, but congrats to the team! Good result for us.

NicoHulkenberg NicoHulkenberg

3. You can sort of understand why Heidfeld couldn't match Petrov's pace.

Here's a photo showing the damage on the car of @NickHeidfeld in Melbourne. Almost the whole sidpod missing!

OfficialLRGP OfficialLRGP

4. Putting some speculation to rest.

James Keys comments appear in Saubers Malaysian GP preview, so thankfully he rumours were wrong and he is still in place at the team #F1

ScarbsF1 ScarbsF1

5. I dread to think what he would choose on Desert Island Discs!

Cool interview, they asked me to choose one song I chose one Nightwish song 13min long, should fit in nicely!

H_Kovalainen H_Kovalainen

6. Rubens Barrichello is taking suggestions from the fans. What do you want to see?

for you that never had a chance to see a F1, what would you like me to film or photograph? what is your curiosity?I will do it in Malaysia..

rubarrichello rubarrichello

7. Lewis Hamilton gives his brother some great support.

me n Nicolas after his race. I couldn't be happier 4 him, worth every bit of my trip back. Hope ur all well. L

LewisHamilton LewisHamilton

8. I'm assuming this is 'hot' and not the noise an owl makes, but the weekend might be pretty warm!

Just went for a run around the circuit is very hooot!

checoperez17 checoperez17

9. The Daily Mail have some advice for our rookie driver.

Sergio Perez take note - Pirelli expecting four-stop strategies in #sepang this weekend #F1

PhilDuncanF1 PhilDuncanF1

10. Another account to follow for a sneak peek inside the F1 paddock.

Everyone follow @InfinitiGP for an insight into Red Bull Racing over the #GP weekend. #F1 #GrandPrix #Vettel #Webber

andy_hone_snapa andy_hone_snapa

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