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Tweets of the Week - Flight woes and weather updates, F1 is back - Force India try to keep secrets, whilst Pirelli search for a driver

Published by Christine

The start of the season must be just around the corner now as teams begin launching their new cars and preparing to test their 2011 challengers in the first of the pre-season tests. The last of the drivers are finally being confirmed, with Paul di Resta's confirmation leaving just one race seat unknown. This week sees plenty of shocks to the system as the F1 world gets to grips with travelling again.

It's all going swimmingly for Button
It's all going swimmingly for ButtonCredit: McLaren

Here are ten of the best tweets from the week gone by.

Week Ending: 30th January 2011

1. Red Bull could take some tips here on how to avoid those endless favouritism rumours.

I will be driving the car first, we tossed a coin and I won...

H_Kovalainen H_Kovalainen

2. Lucas clears up some rumours.

The news about Pirelli test driver role are just speculation at this stage but sure it would be interesting to understand the tyre better

LucasdiGrassi LucasdiGrassi

3. It was the world's worst kept secret anyway, and Force India still had the glory stolen from them at the last minute.

We know our friends over @whyteandmackay have dropped the bomb, but official word from us coming only at 8.30PM IST. Please bear with us! :P

clubforce clubforce

4. Button has stepped up the training - I wouldn't fancy being one of the engineers tasked with swimming against him!

Another positive simulator day on Friday. Feel we're making some good progress! Also went 4 a swim with my engineers which was interesting!!

JensonButton JensonButton

5. Another day, another name change.

By the way, should you feel the desire to "mention" us, it looks like the name change has worked on Twitter, so we are now @MarussiaVirgin

MarussiaVirgin MarussiaVirgin

6. It's nice to be hearing about those useless long-range forecasts again.

#Valencia boasts 300+ days sunshine per year, but the early forecast for next week's #F1 test is for heavy rain Tues & Weds, up to 4 inches

radarguruf1 radarguruf1

7. Penguins, eh?

We're mob-handed on the outskirts of Valencia already with @NobleF1, @TeamAnglais and @eddstrawF1 on the hunt for news, food and penguins ..

gcreighton gcreighton

8. It's all about saving money wherever you can.

Sauber clearly taking resource restriction seriously. Not even Peter sauber is in first class. Whole team rammed in like battery hens.

willbuxton willbuxton

9. Goodness me, tell us how you really feel!

I Will be at the Jerez test only (provisionally) Reason: Valencia is crap, Barcelona is boring and Bahrain is just silly a week b4 the race.

andy_hone_snapa andy_hone_snapa

10. It's all go, go, go.

2011 season is upon us. Cosworth race support truck departed for Spain this morning. Personnel getting ready for their travels...

Cosworth F1 Cosworth F1

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