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Tweets of the Week - Finding ways to keep racing - Karting, running, and ultimately counting down to Formula One

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We've reached the halfway point of the summer break, which means it's all downhill from here. The Belgian Grand Prix is in sight, now, but that doesn't mean the news is picking up. We're still having to find ways to entertain ourselves, and it seems - from our F1 on Twitter list at least - that other opportunities to race are a good way of filling the gap.

Jaime is getting warmer.
Jaime is getting warmer.Credit: Peter Fox/Getty Images

Week Ending: 15th August 2010

1. What a way for Virgin Racing's test driver to find out what he's up against in the coming days.

WoW RT @properformance_: Busy planning an intensive training schedule for@LuizRazia for next week ahead of GP2 in Spa the week after...

luizrazia luizrazia

2. Rubens shares the love and takes on his home media out on the kart track.

Barrichello kart day today with the brazilian journalists...we had great fun and they could feel a little how is to be a racing driver

rubarrichello rubarrichello

3. Turns out, it was Mariah Carey.

Watch out for awesome entertainment news, due shortly from @f1nightrace Word has it, top superstar for Singapore GP Padang stage!

steveslaterf1 steveslaterf1

4. Some more behind the scenes glimpses of an empty McLaren factory.

The real fuel behind McLaren is created by @AbsoluteTaste in this kitchen at MTC they feed 100s of us everyday & d

TheFifthDriver TheFifthDriver

5. Hot and boil!

Running and running in ibiza, hot and boil!


6. Force India get the predictions ball rolling.

After a period away from racing our drivers are all set to repeat last years result. Do you think our drivers can hit the podium at SPA ?

clubforce clubforce

7. HRT's press officer may be looking forward to the next race. Maybe.

16 DAYS, 1 HOUR AND 6 MINUTES BEFORE THE BELGIAN #F1 GP!! Oh yeaah, back to the normal wait in between races!! ;-)

tabathavalls tabathavalls

8. Jenson channels his inner movie star.

The Ichiban Van for our holiday break. The A-Team have got nothing on us!

The_Real_JB The_Real_JB

9. Heikki Kovalainen's girlfriend shows support for her potential father-in-law.

Watching Heikki's dad, Seppo, racing in Jurva, Finland, in the Legends Championship. Race 1 about to start!

KataHyde KataHyde

10. Simon provides updates to Stuart Codling as the latter gets on his bike.

@teamSCboard You're in the lead, except for the 26 teams in front of you.

StrangAutosport StrangAutosport

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