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Published by Christine

After the fuss of launches and testing has died down, and the absence of Bahrain gives us an extra two weeks without racing, things have fallen quiet in the Formula One world. That doesn't mean that Twitter has become an equally tranquil place, though. There is still room for fun, fallouts and sometimes even fails.

Today, I have been redecorating the Sidepodcast studio, and while my paint is drying, I have scoured Twitter for ten of the best tweets from the past seven days. Here they are.

Nico puts in hours of simulator practice to get this right
Nico puts in hours of simulator practice to get this rightCredit: Mercedes GP

Week Ending: 28th February 2011

1. This tweet just reminds me of a little boy. Can Karun come out to play?

Oh please stop drizzling - I want to go out to play on my bike and it's not as much fun when I'm soaked and frozen !

karunchandhok karunchandhok

2. Congratulations to Rubens and to Mrs Rubens. 14 years is amazing.

Há 14 anos.../14year ago.

rubarrichello rubarrichello

3. Virgin Racing just took a step backwards on the MediaFutureChange scale, I must say.

Random question. How many of you ever listen to vinyl? #justBought5AlbumsAndNowNeedTurntable ;-)

MarussiaVirgin MarussiaVirgin

4. Rosberg gets plenty of practice in, presumably the simulator sickness does not affect him.

Now in new simulator. Stunning piece of kit. Big progress. Gonna do the whole day. Will help me a lot.

nico_rosberg nico_rosberg

5. He would say this, though, wouldn't he?

What do you think about the new williams look??? great really!!

Pastormaldo Pastormaldo

6. Some new content to look forward to from the BBC. I wonder what they will find to fill the gap.

Yes, we'll do our bit to fill the void left by Bahrain. Preview shows online soon-ish...its the least we can do for you wonderful lot #bbcf1

jakehumphreyf1 jakehumphreyf1

7. And if you're more interested in reading than viewing, perhaps a digital magazine?

For those of you asking about a digital version of F1 Racing, I can tell you it's coming soon. We'll keep you posted...

F1Racing_mag F1Racing_mag

8. Sponsorship deals don't always mean preferential treatment.

Amusingly, the Vodafone outage has also afflicted a certain Woking-based F1 team...

teamSCboard teamSCboard

9. Mr Matchett already has dibs on the title of my story! Oops.

This means that both 'Life in the Fast Lane' and 'The Chariot Makers' will soon be isseued as ebooks. Thanks to all for the ongoing support!

MrSteveMatchett MrSteveMatchett

10. I love it when people do absolutely nothing to dispel the general perception of themselves.

Having king taco for lunch today!!! They know how much I like it that a food truck is coming to autoclub speedway!!!!

jpmontoya jpmontoya

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