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Tweets of the week - Avoiding volcanoes with road trips - Introducing the Twitter world of tech support

Published by Christine

Twitter was full of build up to the Spanish Grand Prix, but this week's selection is made up of reaction from the race itself plus looking ahead to Monaco. Back to back racing means there is no real chance to reflect, as the teams are already on their road trips to the next destination. We start with some excellent good news though.

Time for the annual F1 road trip
Time for the annual F1 road tripCredit: LAT Photographic

Week Ending: 23rd May 2011

1. It's quite a good excuse for being MIA.

Sorry for being quiet recently and for missing so many GP's, but today at 00:45 I became Dad! Overwhelmed and hugely proud.

antdavidson antdavidson

2. There are some things you just shouldn't admit on Twitter.

Following derision for using Internet Explorer, I am switching to an alternative browser! Thanks Twitter world of tech support!

eddstrawF1 eddstrawF1

3. Jérôme D'Ambrosio joins in the Twitter fun.

For those of you that haven't heard already please welcome @thereal_JDA to Twitter. We finally persuaded him and told him to post photos #F1

MarussiaVirgin MarussiaVirgin

4. Someone else has noticed the possibility of inequality at Red Bull.

Just listened to a interview of dr.Marko (red bull)... He only ever speaks about Vettel - no emotions for webber. Shame in my opinion.

alex_wurz alex_wurz

5. Heikki lets loose after a bad weekend.

Bad race today, poor call on the 1st stop, was left out for too long losing lot of time, had to push to limit the damage, went off...

H_Kovalainen H_Kovalainen

6. It was amazing that only four cars finished on the lead lap.

It's not easy to be a lapped driver being lapped by a lapped driver being lapped


7. It's that time of year again, when travel becomes a problem.

Can't believe we're all back to watching Ash Cloud projection graphics again - 12 months on. Happily on a train today though...

NobleF1 NobleF1

8. However, for those that get to Monaco, clear skies await.

Weather will be dry, sunny and warm for the Monaco GP. Highs of 24 degrees on Sat/Sun, even hotter on Thurs. Minuscule chance of rain. #F1

ManipeF1 ManipeF1

9. Amazing amounts of money being raised, just by run, run, running.

Just submitted my lap time from my Spain track run. That's $15,650 to date, that UBS are donating to Make-A-Wish Foundation, fantastic

CroftyF1 CroftyF1

10. I like to trace it all back to Crofty's great advice: "Don't be rubbish."

HRT asleep at the toll booth, another scalp for @5LiveF1 Jas, this man should be snapped up by a team

OfficialLRGP OfficialLRGP

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