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Published by Christine

Melbourne has been and gone. We counted it down to the very second and before we knew what was happening it was over. It was a great start to the season though, with mixed results for the teams. Thoughts and reviews from the race have been pouring forth on Twitter, so I have selected some of the best for you now.

Rubens surveys the grid
Rubens surveys the gridCredit: Glenn Dunbar/LAT Photographic

Here are my top ten tweets from the last seven days (although really mostly from yesterday and today).

Week Ending: 28th March 2011

1. It's a good job Lotus didn't change their livery too much, or this would not work anymore.

Well, that sort of worked out ok. We are close enough to the PGCs to have a good race tomorrow #f1

MarussiaVirgin MarussiaVirgin

2. This is one way to watch the race, although I'm not sure I'd like it.

goes down as one of my best race experiences ever. spent most of it in a chopper, great light, now soaked in champagne #F1

paulgilham paulgilham

3. Rubens calls it overtaking!

overtaking a lot of people was fun today.Let's qualify better next time so we can have a good race...

rubarrichello rubarrichello

4. That can't be the only positive outcome? Talk about glass half empty.

It was a negative weekend but at least we brought home some points: this is the only positive outcome

InsideFerrari InsideFerrari

5. What it is like to have to sit and watch.

In 2005 I qualified 12th for my debut race and today,to c that I'm not a part of all the action and fun of inaugural race,is frustrating!!!!

narainracing narainracing

6. McLaren are happy to improve, although I'm not sure they had stopped being title contenders.

Still smiling and feeling relieved about the weekend. What a massive step forward by #McLaren. Now title contenders again #thefightison

GaryPaffett GaryPaffett

7. If you've got some feedback for the BBC commentating duo, they've got 20% capacity to improve.

Thanks for your much appreciated comments on DC and Marty part of F1 show. On way to the airport we agreed it was 'about 80% must do better'

MBrundleF1 MBrundleF1

8. Maurice has seen a lot of F1 regulation changes but this year concerns.

Feedback from friends, not necessarily F1 anoraks, who say F1 seems to have become too technical and they can't follow a lot of it. Hmmmm

MauriceHamilton MauriceHamilton

9. A new manager means a new career in films?

Hey guys, big news -- I'm going to be in @DisneyPixar's #Cars2! Take a look at my car... This is wicked;)

LewisHamilton LewisHamilton

10. Already looking ahead.

#F1 Some interesting answers on how the race came across on TV. We have four 'normal' tracks coming up so let's see what happens

adamcooperf1 adamcooperf1

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