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Tweets of the Week - Glock takes on Ready, Steady, Cook // Reaction from the Turkish Grand Prix, and looking ahead to Canada

Published by Christine

The return of Tweets of the Week falls between a controversial race and a highly anticipated Grand Prix in Canada. Teams and drivers are pondering what happened at Red Bull in Turkey, whilst relaxing ahead of proceedings in Montreal.

Timo Glock stands besides... Timo Glock during the Turkey weekend
Timo Glock stands besides... Timo Glock during the Turkey weekendCredit: Virgin Racing

Week Ending: 6th June 2010

1. Thinking positively after a dismal performance in Turkey.

It is time to stay calm and react quickly. In Canada we want to be back fighting for the top positions, as happened in the previous races.

InsideFerrari InsideFerrari

2. The Red Bull debate kicks in with Mike Gascoyne clarifying his thoughts.

Lots of comments on my view webber was at fault. To clarify both drivers are at fault because to hit your teammate is a clear no no

MikeGascoyne MikeGascoyne

3. A fortnight is too long for some.

Three consecutive days in the office is too much. Can't I go to a race soon?

andystobart andystobart

4. Still not convinced by the Red Bull PR spin.

Webber and Vettel have kissed and made up. Well according to the PR people anyway. Notice there was no "sorry" though from Seb to Mark

byronf1 byronf1

5. Ahead of schedule and good weather too.

A beautiful sunny day in Brackley... the trucks arrived back from Turkey early today so we're unloading and packing up for Canada!

OfficialMGP OfficialMGP

6. Red Bull continue to be on the defensive.

And while we’re on conspiracy theories no, Adrian doesn’t reverse-engineer alien technology as a hobby. Though he did fake the moon landings

redbullf1spy redbullf1spy

7. It's one of the better edits, but even so...

A little too much Nicole in the latest race edit from


8. Jenson Button is ready to get some letters after his name.

Sundays fun was followed by one of the most amazing days of my life, knowing that you've been awarded an MBE is a real honour

The_Real_JB The_Real_JB

9. Chandhok (along with some of our commentors) watch the delights and horrors of IndyCar in Texas.

Just watching replay of indycars at texas - the marshals looked like they needed a booklet on how to use a fire extinguisher...Ridiculous !

karunchandhok karunchandhok

10. Glock (or more specifically his better half) takes up a cooking challenge and a half.

That's the result of the ready steady glockshow :-) In a few minutes you will have my result how it was

realTimoGlock realTimoGlock

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