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Tweets of the Week - 28th February 2010 - Trying to understand the pre-season testing is top priority

Published by Christine

Pre-season testing concluded this week in Barcelona, allowing teams and drivers to attempt to draw conclusions from their work. Preparations for Bahrain get underway, oh, and Mark Webber joined Twitter!

Mark Webber during testing in Jerez, the same week that he joined Twitter
Mark Webber during testing in Jerez, the same week that he joined TwitterCredit: Mark Thompson/Getty Images

On my way to the airport in a taxi, playing golf on my ipod, scored 54 on pebble beach! Wicked eagles all the time, I wish it was real...

H_Kovalainen H_Kovalainen

lot's of questions about car:I quite like it...also the engine seems strong.Still very dificult to draw a conclusion about the others...

rubarrichello rubarrichello

Good days work still learning loads about new wagon,team performing well,I have the feeling it going to be tight in the middle east!!

AussieGrit AussieGrit

Been note-making all own version of pre-season training. Beats using medicine balls and running up hills!! Nightx

jakehumpreyf1 jakehumpreyf1

Morning twts ! Today we have breakfast with Sir Richard and he will follow the tests after that. He might have a go on the car later! Hehe

lucasdigrassi lucasdigrassi

Right... I am off in search of food and StefanGP's containers full of spare parts which haven't been made for cars that haven't been built.

willbuxton willbuxton

Rubens is brilliant. After a full day of track running, he still did an hour & a half of media work for me (and let his supper go cold)!

ClaireVWilliams ClaireVWilliams

I had to dash to hear what Felipe Massa had to say. He says the 2010 Ferrari is consistent and reliable but rules out the team's advantage

sarahholtf1 sarahholtf1

The Killers on high volume as Lotus Racing pack down after a very productive test session in Barcelona - bring on Bahrain!

MyLotusRacing MyLotusRacing

Test conclusions: Tyres working well, within predictions. Pretty close between teams. Bahrain is going to be very interesting.

andystobart andystobart