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Turkey 2011 - Rate the race - Decide the driver of the day and vote on the excitement of the Grand Prix

Published by Christine

There seems to be a pattern forming so far this year, in that each race is at least as good as, if not better than, the one before. That does make rating them tricky, particularly as we started the year far too generously. Nevertheless, in this week's F1 Debrief, we gave it some thought and plucked some numbers out of the air. We also plumped for our drivers of the day.

Rate the race

Mr C refuses to acknowledge Turkey as the best race of the season, which is understandable, given the negativity that sometimes surrounds it. However, we liked what we saw yesterday and that just means taking the scores that little bit higher.

As mentioned in the show, I'm more than happy to deal out the top points, although I would have preferred it if Petrov did a bit better.

Rate the Race 2011
AustraliaMr C7
MalaysiaMr C9
ChinaMr C9.5
TurkeyMr C9.75

Driver of the Day

This was quite a tough one because it didn't feel like anyone did an outstanding job. Everyone had their own little troubles, and some overcame them better than others, but it felt like a flawed performance throughout the field.

There is one exception to that, though, and that would be Sebastian Vettel, who Mr C awarded driver of the day to, mostly because no one else did any better. We know Vettel is good, and particularly in the race yesterday, he really didn't put a foot or wheel wrong.

I decided to go for a different Seb, plumping for Sébastien Buemi. Although we didn't see him at all during the Grand Prix, which probably should preclude me awarding him anything, I felt that what I saw on live timing - him being up to 5th at one point, and finishing the race in 9th position - was good enough.

Who do you think deserves the Driver of the Day tag? And how have you scored the race? Are you struggling and running out of numbers like we are, or is it more straightforward for you? Let us know in the comments.

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