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Truly, madly, daily - Opening up the daily posts to brand new writers

Published by Christine

I know we've mentioned before about how fantastic our daily writers are, but it's timely to talk about it again. Every day, we have a new post arrive at midnight (or thereabouts), providing some useful updates about what is going on around the globe, and housing all the chatter on Sidepodcast that doesn't fit anywhere else. It's an important job and we've had some excellent people doing it. From our daily regulars, including RG, Gavin, Lukeh and Lou, to those who step in when it's panic stations all round - Alex, Pat, Kai and Nick - to name but a few.

The introduction of guest daily writers has meant a much wider scope of links and topics to be discussed. When it was left to solely me to write the posts, you could guarantee a bit of Rob, a panda or two, and maybe even something about F1. These days, we have links to all kinds of subjects, including football, golf and tennis, Google and Apple technology, NASCAR, Indycar, Doctor Who, Muse and much, much more.

Perhaps you would like to join in the fun and become a daily writer too? We have two spots opened up during the week for regular writers, on a Monday night and a Wednesday night. It's not too demanding, a simple post of about 400 words or so - bullet points optional - with links and a roundup of recent goings on. I'm sure you've seen the daily before, and there are plenty of examples to glance at! There's also lots of information about writing a guest post for Sidepodcast, and there are plenty of behind the scenes things we've done to try and make it easier too.

Maybe you're a little put off by the idea of a regular slot, and that's okay. We would happily welcome one off daily posts too. They're the perfect solution if you want to write a guest post but you're not 100% sure of the topic. Just let us know if you'd like to have a go, and we'll sort something out. Equally, give us a shout if you'd like to be a regular daily writer, and we'll talk timetables!

Thanks once again to everyone who gets involved with the daily posts. At first, I was just glad to not have to dream up links every single evening, but now I am so grateful for the variety and the pure fun they have put back into the posts.