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Tremayning - Channel your inner David Tremayne and get those rants off your chest

Published by Mr. C

Tremayning audio waveform

Hot on the heels of his Champagne Challenge two weeks ago, Stuart has again suggested a task to keep us occupied during the Sunday morning before racing begins. So this weekend we're Tremayning.

Admittedly it's not a phrase we'd come across before, but apparently Tremayning is a popular pastime amongst paddock insiders, who ought probably be making better use of their time debating the various merits of Lewis vs. Kimi or softs vs. super-softs.

We're in no position to make judgement on frivolous F1 activities of course, so what does Tremayning actually involve? Well, I'm glad you asked because Stuart kindly phoned in a description and a demo to get the ball rolling:

So in short, the key points to emulating the legendary David Tremayne are:

  • You should dress entirely in black
  • You must get needlessly angry about a mundane subject
  • You must talk through clenched teeth
  • You will ideally start and finish each rant with a growl

Easy right? Okay, maybe not as simple as shouting "champagne", and certainly a little trickier than your average ITV competition, but by far the toughest thing is figuring out which tiresome subject gets your goat the most.

Just in case you haven't got it all figured out yet, here's the voice of experience retelling tales of yore.

As before, we'll be taking live phone calls during The Parade Lap which this week starts at the earlier time of 10:30am (GMT+1) and runs for a whole 90 minutes.

We obviously can't see you down the phone, so we'll be trusting that you're wearing clothing from the gloomier end of the colour spectrum. However, Christine will be marking Tremaynisms for the requisite anger and tedium as well as for the quality of growl. There are no prizes for this one, just kudos from your peers and the knowledge that you too may have what it takes to become a Formula 1 journalist.

As always we'll be taking calls via Skype (search for the user name sidepodcast) or you can ring from any phone on +44 (0) 121 28 87225.

For the record, the icon that is David Tremayne is a Formula 1 journalist / writer, and although we can't find a single photograph of him, it sounds like he mostly dresses like Johnny Cash. The sole fact I can tell you about DT, is that I once ordered a book of his and it took so long to arrive, I'd forgotten I ever wanted it in the first place.