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Toyota news - Ralf Schumacher's future remains a mystery

Published by Christine

Another launch that's taken place in the last few days is the Toyota TF107, actually the first of the pack to appear.

There are general changes to the shape of the car, with weight being shifted forward and adjustments to accomodate the Bridgestones. The driver position and surrounding will all be squashed up because of this and angles will become much sharper.

It's hard to say what effect this will have for next year, but Ralf Schumacher seems to be happy about their chances. Not really about the changes to the cars, though, more about the stability of the team.

One factor in Toyota's favour is that we are the only team to be remaining constant in all aspects, from drivers to tyre supplier. That should work in our favour, as it gives us stability.

- Ralf Schumacher

This comes out at the same time as news that Toyota don't really want to talk about Ralf's future with the team.

I think both sides really want to wait until probably we've seen some races and he wants to see if we're good enough to provide a machine.

- John Howett, Motorsport President, Toyota

And the other way round.