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Toro Rosso reveal sharp front end on new STR10 - The team take the covers off this year's challenger

Published by Christine

STR10 of Scuderia Toro Rosso - Garage rollout
Credit: Samo Vidic/Red Bull

After squeezing in a private shakedown/filming day of the STR10 in Italy, Toro Rosso travelled to Jerez for the official unveiling today. Max Verstappen and Carlos Sainz Jr were on hand to pull the covers off their first F1 car, with the two rookies eager and ready to get pre-season testing underway tomorrow.

The car features an elongated nose that appears to come to a sharp point, compared to others we have seen already. There's also some wider air intakes than last year, with cooling top of everyone's list for attention this year. Although the car we saw will be in action tomorrow, there's still plenty of revision to come. Technical director James Key admits we probably won't see the finished STR10 until Barcelona at the earliest.

It will look quite different by the time we get to race one, and we've got several very new ideas which have gone into it. We've pushed the limits of timing much more with STR10 than with past cars and we have a pretty aggressive plan for development. We'll turn up to race one with a fundamentally different car to the one we run in testing.

- James Key, Technical director, Toro Rosso

Unlike some of the cars that have been revealed so far this year, Toro Rosso have a healthier roster of sponsors. They introduced one more in the form of Estrella Galicia, a Spanish brewing company, that presumably comes hand in hand with Sainz Jr. CEO of the company, Ignacio Rivera, says: "We know that the world of top-level sport is tremendously demanding and that's why we like surrounding ourselves with the very best sportsmen, those who make us feel passionate about sport, who make a 120% effort to achieve their dreams."

Verstappen in the Scuderia Toro Rosso STR10, lapping Misano
Credit: Samo Vidic/Red Bull

Meanwhile, many of the official team quotes point out they are relieved to be going into a second year of stability with these regulations which makes life a little bit simpler. Team manager Graham Watson put it best, saying: "We now know enough to not be scared of the technology."

They really do need to be feeling comfortable with the car and the technology that powers it, as team boss Franz Tost has declared an aim for fifth in the championship. If you take 2014 as a benchmark, that means they need to find a way of scoring 150 more points this season than they did last, and start rivalling teams like McLaren and Force India each and every race. It's a tough ask, but as testing gets underway, we should start to see who's developing in the right direction and who may have taken a misstep.

STR10 of Scuderia Toro Rosso is seen in Misano
Credit: Samo Vidic/Red Bull

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