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Topsy turvy testing - McLaren lead the way on Monday, with Ferrari on top today

Published by Christine

More testing. To be perfectly honest, the testing is starting to get on my nerves. It's always this time that I start getting impatient for the start of the season. It's just over a month now, and that seems much too long.

Anyway, testing.

Monday saw McLaren at the top, with Alonso third, behind test driver de la Rosa. They were split by Kubica in the BMW Sauber - the reason Massa decided that BMW were the team to beat. Do you think he took into account the two red flags that Kubica caused during the day?

Ferrari had a bad day with major electrical issues that meant them retiring early, whilst Renault seemed to be falling down the timesheets more and more as each test passes.

However, today saw a reversal of fortunes, with Ferrari and Renault at the top of the scoreboard, pushing Alonso down to fourth fastest.

BMW Sauber were down in seventh and twelfth. Did you hear that Massa?