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Top 10 reasons to go to Autosport International // Why the annual motorsport event could be right up your street

Published by Christine

This article was originally posted on a personal website and is published here for posterity.

  • No matter what they say to you, the men don't go to see the cars. They go to see the pretty women in their very short shorts. In fact, they're so happy to see the women in their very short shorts that there is an enormous amount of pushing and shoving as you approach any of them. The good thing about this is you always know where you are, and can navigate by the amount of men gathered. Disclaimer: big generalisations here, obviously.
  • The women that go to Autosport are not much better. They too, have their own ulterior motive. As you walk around the show, you will find a lot of ladies clinging onto their boyfriends arms, in a protective and proud way. They look at you, and they want you to know that they are the best girlfriend ever. Not only are they traipsing around a show about cars, of all things, but they are doing so willingly and happily. Good lord, give the girl a medal!Disclaimer: Even worse generalisations!
  • The last thing I will mention about the boy/girl divide, is the women who are just there to hand out leaflets. They have tight-fitting tops and little skirts, full lips and blonde hair. They walk around handing out their little pieces of paper - but not to me. Not to any of the girls in fact. Only to the boys, especially the ones with Ferrari baseball caps on. I like cars too, y'know.
  • I now own this t-shirt.
  • There's a very cool stand in the middle of the show that sells jacket potatoes. How unusual. However, when we approached them, they had just run out of potatoes. Kind of a staple for that kind of stand, don't you think? Thankfully, we only wanted a drink.
  • There are opportunities to drive a real race car. But only if you fill in a form with details like your name, address, national insurance number, inside leg size. And then only if you get picked out of 10 (who have probably already been decided as friends of the trade), and only if you sign up for the newsletter.
  • There are lots of queues everywhere and it looks horrible, but when you get in them, they disappear really quickly. I thought we'd be waiting hours just to get in but in actual fact it was about five minutes.
  • It's impossible to take pictures of a Scalextric race, even if it is on the biggest and most elaborate track you've ever seen. By the time you've snapped the picture, the cars are halfway round the other side of the track. However, Scalextric is cool!
  • There was a very neat 100 Years of Formula 1 feature, however it was in a very random order. It started in 2005, with Alonso holding his trophy and the winning Renault. "me" took hundreds and hundreds of pictures of this. We tried to follow the order backwards to 1906. I said "Wow, a car from before the war, how cool is that?" He nodded absently, and went back to the Renault.
  • David Coulthard was there and we got really close to him.