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Tis the season and all that - Button's Christmas Card competition puts you in the designing seat

Published by Christine

I don't know if any of you have ever tried recording a podcast when the rest of the country is celebrating Bonfire Night? It is not easy or fun.

To amuse myself whilst I wait for a break in the bangs, crackles and fizzes, I thought I would sign up for the newsletter. What? Wait, what? Come on, don't look at me like that.

Jenson Button needs your help

Anyway, from one festive activity to another, apparently Jenson has come up with a brilliant idea for a competition:

"Seasons Greetings". Yawn. "Happy Christmas!" Snore. If you're anything like Jenson, chances are those tired old holiday cards you send and receive each year don't get your engines revving.

Think you can do better? Jenson does, and he thought up a competition to give you the chance to be the designer of his official Christmas card this year.

Whether you scribble it freehand, paint it like Picasso or digitally design it, he wants to see it. Make a masterpiece to do Father Christmas proud, and you could have your work selected by JB himself!

You know that Jenson stayed awake all last night coming up with that one, don't you?

Whilst I would usually turn my nose up at such patronising offers for activities - like I don't have enough to do - these fireworks are driving me crazy, and a bit of soothing Photoshopping might work.

Do you think Jenson would mind his Christmas Card having Franck on the cover?