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Thursday Thoughts - Your ideal team - Select two race drivers and one test driver for your perfect lineup

Published by Journeyer

We've covered an enormous amount of topics in our Thursday Thoughts series, and we've got more to come before the season ends. If you want to pose a question, please sign up on the wiki, but for now, I'll hand over to our lead blogger, Journeyer.

Although I don't have my own personal blog, I've loved the concept of Thursday Thoughts. And I'm honored to ask the question for this week.

We've talked a lot in the comments about who deserves a drive in Formula One, and who doesn't. With so many new seats and new drivers flying around, perhaps it's time we put ourselves in the team owners' shoes.

So my question for all of you is:

If you were a team boss with 3 vacant seats (2 race seats and 1 test seat), who would you hire?

To make it a bit easier, let's make a few assumptions. Assume that there are no financial restrictions and that all the drivers are free agents. In other words, you have an unlimited budget and can hire anyone of your choice.

However, while there may be no formal restrictions, you may want to ask yourselves some of these questions: Will they get along? Do they have compatible driving styles? Are they both quick enough to win races? Do they have sufficient experience and/or potential?

The possibilities are endless. And just to get things started, here's mine:

Race Seats:

  1. Michael Schumacher - Really, was there any doubt? Based on the tests this week, he's still got the speed and the motivation. And his skills in technical feedback wouldn't go amiss, either. The tricky bit here is looking for a driver who would get along well with Michael, but be competitive enough as well.
  2. Sebastian Vettel - It was a coinflip for me between him and Felipe Massa, but I think Vettel is the better long-term choice. Michael won't be around forever, and I'd need someone who can lead the team even after he's retired. He has potential by the bucketload, and he's come a very long way in just over 2 years.

Test Seat:

  1. Marcus Ericsson - This young Swede is about to enter his first full season of GP2 after a good run in F3, but in his GP2 Asia debut last year, he did pretty well. He also held his own when he did the Young Drivers Test late last year alongside Mike Conway at Mercedes GP. I'm giving him the test seat because I think he has the potential to perform well at the highest level - and because no one else has given him an F1 seat (Not to mention I wanted to make an unorthodox pick). If he's good enough and I stay loyal to him and give him a good enough car, I'm hoping he stays loyal to me too.

So there's my personal line-up. I'd love to hear your line-up! Blog about it and plug it here. No blog? No problem - post your thoughts in the comments, or even better, send a guest post to Christine. Speak out and make yourself heard.