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Thursday Thoughts - Your favourite part of an F1 weekend - A broad off-season question, looking back at the best of 2010

Published by Christine

As we are midway through the festive break, and F1 news is at a minimum, thoughts are beginning to turn back towards the race weekends, if you are missing them and whether you can wait until they start up again. This isn't going to be a question of whether you like the off-season or not, though. Today's Thursday Thoughts question is nice and open.

What is your favourite part of an F1 weekend?

It could be from the point of view of simply sitting back at home, and watching the race. Maybe the entire Grand Prix is your favourite. Or it could be a specific moment when you are attending the event in person. Maybe it's sitting at home and opening up the timing app. Who knows? You do.

Don't forget to link back to your answer in the comments below, and I will set up a bundle to gather all the answers in one place. If you feel like hosting a Thursday Thoughts question in the future, let us know, and you can keep track of what has been asked before over on the wiki.