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Published by Christine

Welcome to the last Thursday Thoughts for the time being. We've been answering and posing questions for the off-season, and it's been an amazing ride, covering vast subjects from best team principals, to the economics of local governments. The best thing about Thursday Thoughts, though, has been the excellent participation amongst bloggers - from the volunteers to host the question each week - to everyone putting fingers to keyboard to come up with some answers.

This final question comes from Maverick of Viva F1, who thought it would be fitting for the last one. Rather than something specific to F1, we want to look at blogging. Maverick's question:

Which blog article or articles have you written that you were most pleased with writing and why?

The topic came out of a conversation about the reasons for blogging, why you do it and what you get out of it. These are also up for discussion, if you want to focus on the whys and wherefores, rather than specific posts.

We'll post our answer here later today, and if you take up the question, please link to your posts here as well.

That just leaves me time to thank everyone who's hosted a question:

We could never have come up with such a diverse range of conversations by ourselves, and I can't wait for the winter to come round so we can do it all again.