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Thursday Thoughts - What features from other series' would benefit F1? - Elements from Le Mans that Formula One could use

Published by Christine

This week, Turkey Machine has taken up the Thursday Thoughts baton and presents us with this question:

What features or regulations from other racing series would benefit F1, and why?

Immediately, I panicked, because it's no secret that I watch very few other motorsport series unless they have a certain Frenchman in them. That, of course, is my way in, though. The Le Mans 24 Hours has quite a lot of bits and pieces that would be interesting to see featured in F1.

One of the most fascinating concepts that Le Mans introduced recently is the diesel powered cars. The idea has been around for a while, but Audi built the first victory winning diesel for the 2006 race, and the fuel has really taken off since then. Peugeot built a competitor to match, and the pair of them have been going head to head each year without a sniff of petrol.

For every disadvantage the diesel has, particularly being heavy and sluggish, there are advantages, and one that particularly applies to F1 is the fuel economy. With the ban of refuelling coming in for this season and beyond, fuel economy is going to be one of the most important factors of a race. Every drop of liquid on board can add time to a lap, so perhaps a switch to diesel could start a revolution.

Every drop of liquid on board can add time to a lap, so perhaps a switch to diesel could start a revolution.

The other element of Le Mans racing that fascinates me is the pit stops. A car has to be shut off as it refuels, which obviously makes things a lot safer for the personnel involved. F1 has no refuelling at the moment, so that isn't really an important factor, but something worth noting for the future.

There aren't enormous amounts of personnel involved in a Le Mans pit stop, compared to the army of mechanics trained to service an F1 car. A pair of mechanics run round to each corner of the car, changing the tyres. Just two men. It's quite amusing watching them dash around the car, and I think this would add something to F1 pit stops, particularly if there is to be no other action going on.

It would be particularly good if it was the same two men at each team for every race. The pressure would be on them to do a perfect job, we would be able to see who was good and who let the side down. You could even end up learning their names! Making F1 more human was an added bonus I hadn't considered when I thought this idea up.

Of course, the other thing that F1 needs to take from Le Mans is Franck, but I believe that to be a whole other blog post!