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Thursday Thoughts - What do you want to get F1 for Christmas? - Evaluating the members of the paddock to decide who deserves a festive gift

Published by Mr. C

Gavin from Making Up The Numbers presents this week's Thursday Thoughts question, and it's by far the toughest one yet. Tough for us to answer, anyhow.

Neither Christine nor myself give presents for Christmas, not to each other or to anyone else. We don't do cards either and haven't for many years. By rights, the answer to the question should be that we'd give nothing at all. Admittedly that wouldn't make for very interesting reading.

Let's assume then that we can be bothered to make the effort for F1 during this festive time of year, does anyone know if the sport has been naughty or nice?

In the naughty corner:

  • The testing ban made life difficult for rookies, and removed the only cost effective way for fans to get close to the cars
  • Failed last minute rules changes made a mockery of those involved
  • The FIA leaked documents faster than a pressure hose
  • Schumacher attempted more comebacks than a second rate boyband
  • The season was one race too long

In the nice corner:

  • Qualifying was quite good

It might be best all round if I didn't check that list twice.

F1 hasn't covered itself in glory these past 12 months has it? The numerous scandals, a threatened breakaway series, and the loss of two and a half teams have cast the sport in a poor light. To rectify the situation what I think Formula 1 needs more than anything else is to be wrapped up in shiny paper, sealed with a big red bow and posted off to some more deserving owners.

Owners who will appreciate it for what it is, and what it can offer. Owners who will feed it when it's hungry and ensure it stretches it's legs regularly. The kind of owners who will wash it down when it gets a bit grubby and ensure routine vaccinations keep away the vermin. In short Formula 1 needs to wake up under someone else's tree, so my gift to the sport for Christmas would be more deserving guardians.

The sport is for life, not just for profit.